Watching Chelsea games for the past 18 months or so, have been hard for one main reason and that reason being; the lack of finishing product. Missing 35 chances in the Premier League (so far) is unacceptable. 

 Since Diego Costa has left, the club have been missing goalsfrom Morata and Giroud. Hazard is decent at false 9, (lacks size and aerial threat) but his position that he is most threatening increating chances and change the game, is at LW.

 There has been rumors about many different strikers coming to The Bridge, Mauro Icardi, Callum Wilson, Jamie Vardy, Gonzalo Higuain and even Tammy Abraham has been mentioned in bringing the youngster back. Now, with Maurizio Sarri the current manager, playing the way he plays, I thinkHiguain would the most ideal solution. 

“31 years-old”, “Out of his prime” “Out of shape” are some of the arguments against. While yes, he has just turned 31 earlier in December and I would not argue about him potentially being past his prime, he is still one of the best solutions that we can get short term in the January market without splashing crazy cash on a striker that would be a pressure buy (Torres most notably in the 2011 winter transfer market). Having a loan deal that would even send Alvaro Morata the other way is an option that Chelsea need to consider.

 288 goals, 97 assists in 565 career games (According to Higuain is a proven goal scorer. Higuain has 7 goals and 3 assists in Serie A, and 2 goals 2 assists in 5 Europa League games for Milan this season. While those stats are not particularly impressive, Milan themselves have scored 3 goals in their last 8 games so its not entirely on the striker himself. 

 While many Chelsea fans want a top striker and that flashy world class name, I don’t think rushing into that signing would benefit anyone because you would spend more money, put pressure on the club to find someone that fits in a short time and would pressure the striker in being an instant success. Higuain provide a short-term better option, be relatively cheap on the loan and I truly believe that could regain is old form under Sarriand help us finish top 4. In the summer the club can look at finding a permanent solution and make a top name signing then. 

Written by Kirill Petin