Dear Media,

Ever since Pulisic was announced by Chelsea, there have been reports that this means Hazard is definitely going to leave in the summer and Pulisic is his replacement.

This can’t get any worse.

Firstly, though I like Pulisic, I do not think he will be able to replace Hazard’s goals, assists and creativity on the field. At least not in his early 20s.

Secondly, if you know anything about Chelsea’s squad, you’d understand that Pulisic is not a replacement for Hazard. Pulisic, for the most part of his career, has played as a right winger and as a centre attacking midfielder (CAM), a role in which he excels.

This clearly means Pulisic is probably a replacement for Willian or Pedro or both. NOT HAZARD.

While Hazard has been talking about a possible move to Real Madrid since forever, he still plays for Chelsea. He even said that he wants to be a Chelsea legend. Even if he does move to Madrid in the summer, I do not think Pulisic will be deployed on the left.

My message to you: Don’t write whatever you want or imagine, just to get clicks and views. You have a responsibility. Act responsible.


A Football Fan

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Written by Sarav