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Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri spoke to the media on Friday lunchtime at 1pm (UK time) ahead of this weekend’s Premier League game with Newcastle United.

The Italian manager was quizzed on a variety of subjects including tomorrow’s match, Injuries, and on the potential transfers coming into and out of Chelsea within this month. The Italian also spoke about the recent performances of Andreas Christensen.

Here is a full transcript of what he had to say at his press conference at Cobham today.

Injury Updates

Loftus is out at the moment. Yesterday Alvaro trained with his teammates. So we have to see the last training today. I hope he will be able to play.

Importance of scoring and avoiding the record of not scoring for three games at home, and if that happened, how that would  match the record set in 1996 of not scoring for 3 consecutive home games.

We need to score, because we need to solve this problem of not scoring. Because also in the last match, I think we played very well with continuity in the offensive phase.

It was a great performance from the physical point of view, in the defensive phase, but we didn’t score, so we now have this problem. So we need to work and solve it as soon as possible.

Higuain’s situation

I am not involved in the market. I spoke with the club, and they know my opinion. In my opinion we need two players, but that depends on the decision the club make.

But i know nothing about the market day by day or minute by minute.

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Fabregas’s situation

You know my opinion from the last press conference. I think that he needs to go.

At the moment for his match condition, he’s not able to play.

I don’t know the decision of our club, but at the moment he is not able to play.

Fabregas’s replacement

I need a replacement!

But I don’t need a very important player like Cesc unhappy here.

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Callum Hudson-Odoi’s situation with Bayern

I think that it is not professional. Because they are talking about a player under contract with Chelsea.

So they didn’t respect our club I think.

Callum Hudson-Odoi in general

We are very happy with the player, because the player is improving. He’s improving alot defensively. But now he needs to improve in some movements without the ball, but he is working very well at the moment.

So I am very happy with the player, and I would like to have him in the future.

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Willian’s future

I didn’t know anything happened yesterday. I don’t know, you have to ask the club. I have no idea. You have to call the club and to ask about the market, because if you ask me about the market, then you put me in trouble because I don’t know what to answer.

Willian for us is very important.

I think that he can do better. He can do better because he has alot of potential.

But he is really important for us, so I think that it is impossible to lose him in January.

How Willian can Improve

He usually wants the ball into his feet, so I think that he can improve his movement of the ball.

He has the potential to score more.

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Transfer Market

I can’t tell you exactly what I want.

The club knows my opinion. I think at the moment, my opinion is important for the club, but of course i can’t tell you my opinion to 100%

I think that the transfer window is crazy! To have a market window of 30 days at this moment of the season, because we play every three days.

I think the market window in January would be better for one week, 10 days- no more than that.

But it’s crazy also in the Summer. 3 months. It’s crazy. In August we played 3-4 matches in the Premier League, so I think that it is crazy.

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Tomorrow’s match

First of all, we need to know that the match will be very difficult, because they are doing better away.

They have lost 8 matches out of 11 at home. But only 3 out of 10 away, so they are a difficult opponent away from home.

I hope to score in the first 30 minutes.

We need to improve in the box, we need to improve in attacking the ball and the spaces in the box.

We also need to improve in the last 25 minutes of matches.

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Andreas Christensen 

He played very well in the previous match.

He has improved I think in defending, so now he is ready to play. We now have a very good back up option for David and Rüdiger.

He’s ready to play, but I don’t know about tomorrow because he played 2 matches in the first time in 3 days this season.

Callum recovered very well from first match. Yesterday he was a little tired. He played two matches in three days like Andreas, so I want to see the level of recovery.

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Alvaro Morata’s future

If Morata will go, then we need another striker. It’s normal.

At the moment, Morata is here, so he has to think only to play. Because in Europe there are over 300 players on the market, and they only need to think to the next match, otherwise it is impossible to play.

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End of press conference

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By Danyal Khan