Chelsea overcame Tottenham Hotspur on penalties by 4-2 to reach the Carabao Cup Final against Manchester City at Wembley. The game was full of controversy and action, and I will look at the 5 key talking points from this Semi-Final second leg.

  1. Chelsea wanted it more– After Maurizio Sarri’s scathing comments of his Chelsea players after the defeat on the weekend to Arsenal, it would be remained to see how they would have responded to such criticism. And they responded well in this game right from the start, and really put Tottenham under pressure from the get go, and deserved the 2-0 lead going into half-time. The team were slow to react at the start of the second half, however after Tottenham got their goal through Llorente, Chelsea livened up and had multiple chances to win the game in the second half. If they would have had that clinical edge to the game last night, then it would have been a easier win for the Blues. But even after the penalty shoot-out, you could see how much it meant to the Chelsea players with their celebrations.
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2. Emerson was superb last night at left back- The Italian’s performance yesterday, showed why he should be starting over an out of form Marcos Alonso in the Premier League. The main difference between Alonso and Emerson is that Emerson has got the pace to track back, and that was evident in last night’s game. Emerson also delivered some beautiful deliveries into the box, and this was evident right at the end of the game, when Chelsea had a guilt edged chance to win the game in additional time, when Emerson’s lovely cross from the left side found the head of an onrushing Olivier Giroud, who somehow headed wide from close range. Here is @ChelseaLoanArmy on Twitter who breaks down Emerson’s impressive performance yesterday;

3. Kante was simply outstanding- There has been alot of debate in recent weeks to whether Sarri is wasting Kante in an attacking position or not. Kante is arguably one of the best defensive midfielders in the league, and the only way Sarri can fit him into his prefered position is by changing formation to a 4-2-3-1 to accommodate Kante into his preferred position. It isn’t as simple as switching Jorginho and Kante around, as Kante would not be able to play the regista roll. Therefore Sarri is using him in this attacking position, and one benefit of this is that Kante is scoring and creating more goals this season. He scored the vital first goal in tonight’s game, and set up Hazard with a guilt edged chance to score in the second half. So even though you lose a bit of Kante’s defensive qualities from the game, he is starting to become more of an attacking threat to many teams. However yesterday, Kante was brilliant all over the pitch.

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Here is a Chelsea fan on Twitter who sums up Ngolo Kante’s career very well;

4. Jorginho was better…- Jorginho has had a torrid few months. Especially since the Tottenham game Chelsea lost 3-1 at Wembley in the League. Since then, he has been reasonably poor- another example was at the weekend against Arsenal. However a completely different Jorginho turned up yesterday. From the start of the game he looked more adventurous and started playing threatening forward passes early on. The Italian battled throughout the game, and rounded it off with his cheeky penalty in the shootout! Here is his penalty via PBXI_ChelseaFC on Twitter;

This is what Jorginho’s teammate Ruben Loftus-Cheek had to say on Twitter about his penalty in the shootout;

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5. Martin Atkinson…- Martin Atkinson baffled many Chelsea fans yesterday with his refereeing performance yesterday. Especially his inconsistencies with brandishing yellow cards to Chelsea players and not Tottenham players. Eric Dier made some hard hitting fouls earlier on in the game, especially the one on David Luiz which left the Brazilian hobbling, but he got away with it without receiving any cards. He then brandished three yellow cards to Chelsea in the Second half, but only one to Tottenham. The most baffling card was brandished to Ngolo Kante, because he was clinically fouled, before he got up and fouled the Tottenham player, but only Kante got a yellow card… Let’s just say that it was a refereeing performance to forget from Atkinson.

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Here are what some Journalists and Chelsea fans had to say about the performance of Atkinson;

So as Chelsea progress to the final, can they defeat Manchester City at Wembley?

Leave me down your comments on what you make of my 5 key talking points from yesterday’s game, and comment down below on what your thoughts are going into that game against City in the final.

By Danyal Khan