If reports are to be believed, the Bayern – Hudson-Odoi – Chelsea situation has taken another twist. According to reports, Hudson-Odoi has submitted a transfer request, signalling his desperation to complete a move to Bayern. And who can blame him? He has constantly had to watch from the bench (or at home) while the manager plays a bunch of average footballers ahead of him. Even the switch to a false 9 didn’t help, with Sarri preferring to play Loftus-Cheek out of position out wide when needed, just to fit his favourite under performer (yes Barkley) in midfield and keep Hudson-Odoi out of the team completely.

With all due respect to Bate, Vidi and PAOK, Chelsea didn’t have the toughest of opponents in the Europa League and it’s almost an embarrassment that it took Sarri until match day 5 to give him his first start. Hudson-Odoi couldn’t even make the bench till match day 3. So again, can you really blame him?

There’s no point crying about the past, the club needs to move forward and solve this situation peacefully and reasonably as soon as possible. So here’s my advice to all parties involved:


Again, can’t blame the young man. Put yourself in his shoes for the next few paragraphs. I have had to watch from distance while my age mate and friend took the bold step to leave his comfort zone to become one of the world’s biggest prospects in Germany. My manager has shown he has no faith in me (or other bench players) no matter how badly players ahead of me perform. One of the best clubs in the world are desperate for me, I have a bigger chance to play regularly for them and win more trophies with them than I do at my boyhood club. What do you do?

But here’s the deal Callum. For every Jordan Sancho, there is a Dom Solanke. I absolutely have nothing against the fact that you see a future in Germany, considering all things involved, I probably would too. I wish you all the best should this move materialise but just keep in mind you’re moving to another big club that need to win NOW even if they’re more patient with you than Chelsea are. GOOD LUCK.


Make no mistake. There is no version of Hudson-Odoi leaving that will massively derail Chelsea’s season. Would we be better off keeping him? Yes. Would we also be better off with £40 million if spent wisely? Yes.

It’s a shame we have gotten to this point. Chelsea obviously needs to do better with youth players, although this is an argument for another day. Staying on topic, Chelsea fans can at least be hopeful that the club is ready to spend on actual footballers (side eye at Drinkwater) considering our business in the last 2 windows (last summer and this January). Yes I would be sad if a home grown Chelsea fan leaves, I might quickly forget though if we were to buy another Chelsea fan, even more proven, in the shape of Nicolas Pépé (hi again Lille, remember us?). If they both go on to become world beaters in 5 years, did we really lose?

However going forward, the clubs needs to learn from this. We have even more ready players out on loan, and it would be no surprise if this situation repeats itself within the next year. Mason Mount and Reece James NEED to be in the team for next season and this time Chelsea (and Sarri, if you’re still here hopefully), please don’t screw it up.


Okay so we all knew this. They warned us and he warned us, but we just wanted Conte gone so much that we ignored. This is not an article to critisize Sarri and his work so I’ll stay on topic and focus on his role in the Hudson-Odoi mess.

Apparently Sarri was advised (thanks Pep) to focus on a core of 14 players, and because of that, anyone outside his preferred 14 get almost no look. It’s a total embarrassment the way people like Willian and Pedro (at some point) have struggled or just been completely bad and Hudson-Odoi barely has a look in even in cup competitions. Hudson-Odoi has played 3 league games this season for a struggling Chelsea side, Chalobah played 10 league games for Chelsea in our 2016/17 title winning season. It’s even more indicting if you consider Chelsea played fewer competitions that year, were out of the league Cup early and Chalobah had Fabregas, Matic and N’Golo in his position. Sarri simply has to do better with his reserves and bench players, has to do a better job trusting them and has to rotate better. For all the good work he’s trying to build, it will almost not yield big trophies if he doesn’t get this aspect of management right. And it’s almost no surprise he is yet to clinch a trophy in his career.

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Abdulwakeel Raji