I like many were very excited in the summer when Chelsea announced that Maurizio Sarri was to become the new manager. We always knew it was going to take time to implement his new style of play and he was massively disadvantaged as he barely had a pre season to prepare for the season ahead. Jorginho followed Sarri from Napoli and like many it was quickly felt how was he going to fit into the midfield.

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The season started well with an impressive unbeaten run. However, many fans could see there was still room for improvement and understandably far from a finished article.

I totally understand that a new style of play is going to take time. However, if the system isn’t working why not change it? As the season has gone on it’s got worse with some awlful league results and performances. A good manager has to adapt to the players they currently have and the opposition they are up against. That goes for any line of work.

It just feels Sarri is tactically inept and he only knows how to play one style of football. Jorginho’s position as being the team’s ‘heartbeat’ has quickly been found out and teams mark him out of the game. Sarri reminds me of Arsene Wenger in his later days managing Arsenal and being very stubborn in his approach.

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Some say Sarri doesn’t have the players, it’s clear to all Marcos Alonso and Willian have been poor this season as have some others but Sarri continues to play them game after game. Emerson and Callum Hudson-Odoi are more than capable of replacing them. Our build up play is far too slow and we’re very easy to defend against.

During the games it’s very clear that Sarri has the inability to change anything. Like for like substitutions are predictable and rarely cause the opposition problems. Matteo Kovacic for Ross Barkley or vice versa is unlikely to change the outcome of any game. I don’t understand why he can’t change tactics in search for a goal.

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As for Sarri questioning the mentality and the motivation of his players it’s simply his job to do this. I know players are more difficult to manage these days but they are clearly not responding to him. Let’s be honest we’re never going to get rid of all our players are we! Jose Mourinho was very tactically aware and wasn’t afraid to change things especially in his first spell. Antonio Conte was the same especially in his first season in charge losing 3-0 at Arsenal which prompted him to change things which resulted us going on a great winning streak and eventually winning the league. Sarri, why not try something different? If Chelsea employed a manager that only has one way of playing then we’ve clearly made a huge mistake.

I know our squad isn’t as good as it has been in previous seasons but surely Sarri can get more out of this team. When you really think about it it’s ludicrous that Eden Hazard a world class player we’re desperate to keep was playing as a false nine out of his favoured position for many games. There’s also the argument surrounding N’Golo Kante, arguably one of the best midfielders in the world trying to adapt to a new role so we can accommodate Jorginho. These types of decisions overall have left me baffled.

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Maybe this article is a reaction to losing to Bournemouth in such an embarrassing way. But maybe we should react as supporters, it’s because we’re passionate about the club that we love and invest time and money in it.

Many won’t agree with this article and will continue to say Sarri needs time. Historically we know at Chelsea this doesn’t happen. Firstly he needs to get the basics right!

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I can accept defeat but poor, lacklustre performances I can’t. As much as the players need to take some responsibility the buck stops with the manager and for him to continue massive improvements and changes need to happen. I want Sarri to succeed I really do but he needs to do more. People who know me as a Chelsea fan and on twitter will know I’m usually very positive with most things with regards to Chelsea but right now Maurizio Sarri is not convincing me.

I genuinely hope I’m proved wrong and Sarri is a success at Chelsea. In the mean time I will continue to attend matches and support the team I love.

Come on Chelsea & come on Maurizio!