After Chelsea’s recent loss to Arsenal, there has been a spark in the news headlines with ‘War at Chelsea’, especially after his press conference in which he was truthfully honest in public. However, not all of the blame is to go the Italian. For me, it’s everyone: The players. The board. The manager. The fans. Everyone.

I would also like to re-iterate that this isn’t a rant, but looking at certain things from a different perspective.

The Players:

Mentality. Is it a coincidence that Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte and Maurizio Sarri has slated the mentality of this same group of players? How can the players not realise that this is one of the biggest games of our season and could eventually define whether we play in the best competition in the world next season? Despite that, yesterday was against one of our biggest rivals in England who in previous years we have beat with passion.

After the second goal yesterday, none of the players looked angry and slowly walked back to the centre of the pitch. Where has the leadership gone? Captain? Vice-Captain? We have no identity at the moment in the team, no-one who actually cares about the club and where it’s going bar for one or two. Before, we had Cech, Terry, Lampard, Drogba. Now? Kepa, Azpilicueta, Kante, Hazard. If a player does not give full effort to Chelsea Football Club every single match, in my opinion, leave.

The Owner+Board:

How times have changed. Yesterday, Mourinho spoke with Bein Sports about how ruthless Mr. Abrahamovic was in the market in 2004 and that lead to us winning the league in the space of two years. Where is he now? Last year our new stadium’s plans were postponed, he had his problems with the U.K.

Unlike before we aren’t seeing him attend any matches anymore, despite him being the one who was instrumental into bringing Sarri to Chelsea- to see ‘beautiful football’ back at the Bridge. But beautiful football can only happen if the manager gets players adapted to his style, and this is where the board aren’t helping.

One of the biggest problems is we still do not have a Director Of Football. Jose Mourinho mentioned that he had a brilliant DoF when he was here at Chelsea, having a great relationship.

Marina is a business woman, who is working at a football club. We also need a person who knows about talent around the world, and knows a bit about business. Good signs have been seen recently as we are very close to signing one of Maurizio’s target Higuain, despite the Over-30 rigid policy. However, what baffles us is how Marina was unwilling to spend 5-10 million more for Paredes who is now being linked with PSG. Marina’s brilliant business work (getting very large fees for players like Morata and Costa) could work extremely well with a director who has great football knowledge of our youth system and talent around the world.

Maurizio Sarri:

This post is certainly no excuse for the Italian coach. Although he may know he could be here for the long-term, fans aren’t as sure and are getting very impatient. Sarri certainly needs to improve with his in-game management and take risks, as well as risks with the starting lineup.

For example, yesterday it was crying that we needed some sort of Striker on the pitch, but Giroud was only substituted on in the 70th minute. Pedro and Willian had very little impact on the game, yet Hudson-Odoi was only substituted on in the 80th minute.

His press conference was very convincing for us and he gained a lot of respect for many, calling out the players’ mentality to the public. However, now we need to see him actually making changes to the team. Play people who care for the club, and a good start is with the youth. I can reassure you that coming through all the academy and getting gametime for the first team must feel unreal. Although Ampadu joined us very late, it is clear that every time he plays we see his unreal leadership skills, as well as the immense ability he has.

Have the guts to chuck out players who don’t care about the club. Have the guts to drop people who think they are going to start every game. Play Christensen. Play Emerson. Play Hudson-Odoi. Drop Willian. Drop Rudiger. Drop Alonso. Even if he has to, drop one of Kante, Jorginho or Kante. Get these players angry, but in a positive way.

The Fans:

Hypocritical. 6 months ago you were screaming for Conte to be gone. 6 months ago you wanted stability. 6 months ago you wanted offensive football. 6 months on Conte isn’t here. 6 months on we have a manger who is being trusted. 6 months on we have a manager who played some of the best football in the world with Napoli.

This project is going to take time. Roman wouldn’t have signed him without knowing this. We as fans need to understand in 2-3 years if Sarri is still here we could be one of the best teams in Europe. Klopp and Guardiola both had quite bad starts in the first season in the Premier League, look where they are now? Yes we can criticise the team, yes we can criticise the manager. But do not go against them fully, otherwise matters are going to get a lot worse.

Written by @acparee