It’s been reported that Hazard intends to ask Chelsea to let him go to Real Madrid in the summer. We all know Hazard is a big fan of Real since he was a kid and joining the Spanish giants has always been his dream.

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So if he does leave Chelsea in the summer, what are the advantages of disadvantages of the move? Let’s take a look.


For Chelsea:

  • Hazard is 28 now. He probably has 2-3 good years of top-level football left in him and therefore, Chelsea can get some good money for him if they sell him in the summer.
  • It can be argued that Hazard hit his peak form at Chelsea and from here, his performances are only going to decline in the next few years just like every other player on the planet (maybe except Messi and Ronaldo, they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon.)
  • In the last 3-4 years, after the departures of legends like Drogba and Lampard, Chelsea have been overly dependent on Hazard when it comes to goalscoring. While he certainly performed well, a team cannot depend on a single player all the time. It’s time we built an actual team that depends on 11 players instead of 1.
  • Selling Hazard means young players like CHO or Pulisic can play on the left. And if Hazard goes, we can get someone like Nicolas Pepe who is just 23 years old. Add a young striker like Piatek to the equation, we got a team that will dominate England and possibly, Europe for the next 7-8 years.
  • By selling Hazard, we can get Isco and Kovacic instead. This swap deal is very likely considering the fact that Isco is apparently itching to leave the Spanish capital and make a name for him instead. With Kovacic enjoying his time so far in London, I’d say why not.

For Hazard:

  • Moving to Real Madrid means getting to accomplish his childhood dream. That’s as tempting as it can get.
  • Like it or not, Real Madrid is one of the two biggest clubs in the world. Playing for a team like Barca or Real is an opportunity that a lot of football players dream of. This could be an opportunity of the lifetime for Hazard.
  • The Champions League – Every year, if stats are anything to go by, Real Madrid are one of the top contenders for UCL. Though Hazard has won so many things at Chelsea, one thing that he is yet to get his hands on is the UCL trophy. A move to Real can make that idea real.
  • Ballon d’Or – Yes, the ultimate award in football for an individual. Since 2009, players from Real Madrid and Barcelona have won 11 Ballons d’Or between them. I know Hazard doesn’t care about awards and stuff, but moving to Real Madrid will etch his name in the
    football’s most celebrated individual prize for sure.


For Chelsea:

  • One can argue that Hazard is yet to hit his peak. Football players are usually in the prime in their late 20s. This means Hazard can actually become better. Selling him right now could turn out be a mistake.
  • A player like Hazard is as rare as they come. Hazard is the only player who has the skills that come close to Messi. If we let him go, it is going to be almost impossible for Chelsea to replace him anytime soon.
  • Even if we make big name signing to replace Hazard, nobody can be sure that the replacement can perform as well as the Belgian if not better. Hazard brings so much to the game rather than just goals. And that is important to the team.

For Hazard:

  • If he does move to Madrid in the summer, Hazard has to start again in a different team that is under transition. And if he is not off to a flying start, it would only get worse as the Bernabeu supporters are not exactly known for their undying love. They have in fact booed players like Ronaldo and Casillas. It won’t take long for them to boo Hazard.
  • Already, Real Madrid has players like Asensio and Vinicius Jr competing for the left wing. Since Ronaldo’s move to Juventus in the summer of 2018, Real have been trying to rebuild the team with youngsters. And they apparently are not ready to loan their special talent Vinicius who plays on the left. Could get bad for Hazard.
  • After Ronaldo’s move to Juventus, Real Madrid had hired Lopetegui and fired him within months due to bad performances. Under Solari, it is going okay but not great. And Solari is barely a philosopher unlike Pep and Sarri. This means Hazard might not even able to play the football he always wanted and get caught in the crossfire.
  • Eden Hazard at Chelsea has always played under defensive minded coaches like Mourinho and Conte even though he has never hidden his desire for possession-based attacking football. Under Sarri, it has been a different story and with Higuain’s arrival in January, the Belgian wizard enjoys more freedom on the left than ever. Hazard has 12 goals and 10 assists this season.
  • We all know how much Eden loves his family. Hazard has three kids with his wife Natacha Van Honacker. They are well settled in London and moving to a different country can be a bit tough when you have a family.

In the end, even if he moves to Madrid, he will always be a legend in Chelsea fans’ eyes. Of course, I’d prefer him not moving at all.

Let’s just wait and see. Meanwhile, check out the following compilation of Hazard’s top 10 goals in Chelsea shirt.

Video is from 2018. Courtesy: Chelsea’s YouTube Channel

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Written by Sarav