In football, you can watch a player play and their age becomes an entirely irrelevant fact. Because some players you watch, just look like they’re made to play the game. Not to just play it, but to master it.

Chelsea’s very own Reece James, has been that way for the last few years I’ve been watching him coming through the academy. The versatile 19-year old has always played with maturity beyond his years, and the grit and determination to become one of the best at what he does.

You can look at a whole bunch of young talents currently playing in the English game, but you can only look at a handful and say they’ve got that X Factor, that bit that makes them stand out from the rest, that extra talent that makes you believe that they will become world beaters. Reece James, is one of them.

As mentioned, I’ve watched Reece captain Chelsea through the academies and his name has been one to stick in m head. He has pace, power, ability to read the game better than most, has a good cross, is tough in the tackle, and is an excellent passer. On top of that, he can play a number of different positions in defence or in midfield, due to his adaptability and high technical ability.

This season has been pinnacle for Reece. He’s gone on loan to Wigan Atheltic, and he’s grasped the opportunity with all the power he has. He’s proven that he can do what he’s done at youth level, in a highly competitive senior league.

Not only has he held his own at Wigan, he’s literally bossed it. He’s been winning man of the match awards left right and centre (literally, as he’s been used in a number of positions), and he’s picked up the majority of the clubs player of the month awards.

But don’t take my word for it. Here is Latics Boss Paul Cook recently…

It’s unfair on everyone else Reece! But it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. The biggest thing to me that makes him stand out, is his attitude. He is very level headed and a natural leader. To succeed at the top level, you need to be highly focused and determined, but also mature. This is Reece.

Chelsea have been missing what I call ‘Chelsea men’ since the likes of John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba left. Players who know what it means to play for Chelsea, where the club becomes part of your own core. Reece James is a player that could end up being mentioned alongside such players, there aren’t many players you can say that about.

His talent is undoubtedly unquestionable, his potential is never ending. He will become an elite player, I have no doubt.

Wigan fans, those who watch him week in week out this season, are praising him with disbelief in their voices, you can just hear it even in the tone of tweets…

“Chelsea you need to keep him, be a huge mistake if you let him go”, says one fan. “He’ll be England’s first choice right back until he dies of old age”, says another.

I not only take notice of these quotes, I agree with them entirely.

It’s no surprise at all to see that he’s being scouted by Premier League club’s..

I fully believe that he’ll be integrated into our first team next season to replace Davide Zappacosta, and genuinely challenge Cesar Azpilicueta for his first team spot.

But my plea to Chelsea to end this article – save your money, don’t even look at any right backs this summer, your mans right here doing more than just ‘bits’.

Reece James, one of our own.

Simon Phillips