I don’t need to go over what happened yesterday, it’s embarrassing even talking about it. But this time, the ‘Sarri out’ talk felt just that little bit more serious, and became a reality for this first time this season.

The Chelsea head coach offered no answers once again off the back of a humiliating loss in Manchester. He even admitted to having no communication with club owner Roman Abramovich. He already looks a deflated man.

The press continue to fuel the sacking talk, and fans are once again split with opinions. Some are adamantly insisting that Sarri goes, others are still believing in him and what he’s trying to implement here. I’m still on side with Sarri, I think if we ever do get to witness his system in full effect, it will be worth it, and enjoyable to watch. Right now though, it’s the opposite.

But we simply cannot continue as a football club, to sack managers but back players.

Abramovich wanted Sarri because he wanted attacking football. In my view, Roman is very naive if he sacks Sarri now. I mean, what is it you really want Roman? To wave a magic wand and have us dominating games and winning matches? Because that’s not realistic at this stage, using the same deadwood players.

I will stop here and point out Sarri’s faults for balance, because he isn’t helping himself, and at this stage is contributing to his own downfall.

Using the same players every week, playing the same way, it’s being found out. Pep Guardiola worked out to damage us yesterday he simply had to use the width. It was so easy for them.

The way he admits to the media that he can’t motivate the players, and admits to not knowing what the answer is, also isn’t helping. He’s the manager at the end of the day, the one person expected to change our fate, that can’t be overlooked.

Sarri making the same substitutions at basically the same time in matches, is ridiculous. Making straight swaps and not tweaking anything. You can play your system that’s great, but surely when you are 4-0 down and it’s still not working, you HAVE to look at changing something?

Not using two of our best attacking and direct players in Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Callum Hudson-Odoi is just shocking to me. Direct players with pace, who could offer something different. But insisting on using the same ageing and mediocre players like Pedro, Ross Barkley, Marcos Alonso, Willian to name a few, is astounding to me.

But anyone can see, this squad is miles behind offering the quality that City have. You cannot do a job with old and broken tools.

Even our full backs do not offer the pace and quality that this system needs. Cesar Azpilicueta is a quality defender, but as a full back he doesn’t give what this system needs. We don’t use the width, we don’t over lap, unless Emerson is playing. Full backs are an essential tool of attacks in this system, but we don’t use it. Because we don’t have the quality.

Sarri is stubborn, and I agree with peoples frustrations over that. He isn’t utilising what he does have, by using some of the better players more, rotating tired legs earlier or even in the starting line up.

At this point, because of Sarri we currently have our three best young products on the verge of asking to leave this summer in Andreas Christensen, Hudson-Odoi and Loftus-Cheek. That’s a fact, and to me, that’s entirely unacceptable. I’d get it if there was quality players keeping them out, but there isn’t.

The squad are weak minded, gutless and lack any kind of leadership. They’re a limp bunch of players who always down tools. It’s pathetic and the squad needs a massive overhaul.

The board though, can’t see it. Because they’re just as gutless and clueless. Business wise, they’re great. Football wise, no idea. They need to employ a football minded technical director to spearhead a squad overhaul and revamp THIS summer. If they don’t do that, this spiral of the players kicking up a fuss and managers getting sacked will just continue.

The problem is deeper than the manager. This summer we need to make big changes.

Here is what I would do… I’d keep the following players –

Kepa, Azpilicueta, Rudiger, Christensen, Ampadu, Emerson, Jorginho, Kovacic (Jorginho backup) Kante, Loftus-Cheek, Hazard (but he’ll leave), Hudson-Odoi, Pulisic and Higuain.

The rest, need to move on. Get as much money as we can for them, and Hazard if he chooses to go. And reinvest in the squad.

But before doing so. We need Chelsea men. Guys that have been at the club from a young age, guys who know what it means to be Chelsea, to live and breath the club. Academy players. I guarantee you their mentalities will not get questioned at the least.

So let’s bulk the squad out with the followers players.

Reece James (he should start ahead of Azpilicueta in my opinion, he offers more for the system), Fikayo Tomori, Mason Mount, Jay Da Silva (again, offers everything we need from our full backs), and Tammy Abraham.

Bring them all in, and then sign about 4/5 quality players in the positions needed this summer, and then we will have the quality and mentality to see if Sarri’s football will work.

A squad something like this (you can speculate the new signings but there are feasible and achievable targets available).

But that’s only if Sarri makes compromises as well. I get that he only wants to work with 14 players, but it’s naive to believe that in this league with the amount of games we play, this is sustainable. We need 2/3 quality players in each position, and we need to give them all game time to keep up squad morale.

Young players are easier to teach than old players stuck in their ways. Surely it’ll be easier for Sarri to teach his system to young keen players who are clean slates, rather than ageing players who won’t change the way they play? I know who I’d prefer to work with.

Sarri needs to belief in the youth and stop trusting the deadwood. Chelsea as a club need to believe in the youth and stop trusting deadwood (offering them new deals). Chelsea board need to believe in a long term project and stick with it.

We need better decision making as a club, better scouting, better transfer business, and using our own youth system to bulk out the squad, rather than wasting funds that could go on a world class signing where it’s needed more.

I’m fed up with the players being indispensable. Us fans dedicate our lives and money to this club, many of the players in this squad right now are not fit to wear the shirt.

Simon Phillips