Sarri’s future at Chelsea has never been at more debate, significantly shown with the Matthew Harding end singing ‘F*** SarriBall’ after Chelsea’s loss to Manchester United in the FA Cup.

I would also like to mention, this is not any excuse for Maurizio Sarri and he is at fault for many actions.

Chelsea appointed Sarri with no preseason time for training after the delay of Conte’s departure. Chelsea fans expected Sarri’s signing to bring beautiful football back to the Bridge, bring some stability back at the club, and for the Chelsea fans and players to be happy again.

Simon Johnson of the Standard today reported that Sarri is still expected to take the training today, despite it looking like he doesn’t have a huge future at Chelsea. In my opinion, sacking Sarri would demonstrate the weak mentality of the board and fans.

A lot of these problems, start with the board. The board signed Sarri, probably knowing that for Chelsea to play the football he wants he will need players of brilliant ability. If we compare our starting team to City’s and Liverpool’s, maybe only three-four players would make it in their squads. The board since then refused to sign Higuain in the Summer before, refused to sign Paredes in January, both players who are clearly liked by Sarri.

One other thing the board got wrong, was not communicating with the fans. Fans need to know whether the signing was for stability, or whether it was similar to one of our previous manager’s signings. This certainly for me is one of the reasons why I do want Sarri to stay: If Chelsea did sign Sarri for stability then we need to keep him at all stocks and get rid of this ‘player power’ in the dressing room, however if Sarri was again signed for the short term then fans like myself would not be getting upset with fans who do want to ‘chuck out’ the Italian.

Chelsea fans at Stamford Bridge against Tottenham. I was there, and I heard ‘Maurizio’ chants. Good ones.

Fans also need to understand the process we are going through and do some research, and understand the appointment of Sarri. Some fans were always going to find this process tough as we have been used to instant success for the last 10 years. But like Pep did with City, like Klopp did with Liverpool, like Sarri did with Napoli (yes even Sarri struggled!), the first season was always going to be tough as it’s the beginning of something completely new. The biggest thing for us, is changing from a defensive structurally minded team, to a possession based team which thrives on attacking runs.

Patience, is key. Stability is needed at the club, nothing can be said against that, so why not start earlier and get the worse seasons out of the way? Things can only get better, right?