By Emma Hartley

1)The Blues need to build on the 2-1 win from Leg 1 of the tie against Malmo

Chelsea will head into this game against Malmo on Thursday night already 2-1 up with an away goal in their favour. Last week the Blues took on Malmo at the Swedbank Stadium where both Ross Barkley and Olivier Giroud netted goals for the South West London team. Therefore, it is an absolute must that Maurizio Sarri’s side build on that if they want to progress into the next round of the Europa League. Chelsea captain César Azpilicueta or as Chelsea fans like to call him ”Dave” had an interview after the Blues got defeated 2-0 by Manchester United on Monday night. He said: ‘’We need to finish the job that we started last Thursday to get through to the next round.’’ Therefore, the players know how important this game is for the club and the fans. The Blues already have an advantage and they cannot accept anything other than a win tomorrow night.

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2) The fans are losing patience with Maurizio Sarri

The Blues have had such a massive mixture of results this season and of recent things have been going down hill very quickly for the club. Things are not going Chelsea’s way at all and this is showing through very quickly in the results. There is a very clear divide in the Chelsea fan base at the moment where fans are arguing as to whether Sarri should stay or leave. Many fans are losing and have lost their patience with the Chelsea boss already and many fans wouldn’t be sad to see him walk out the door. Many fans made their opinions very loud and clear on Monday night at Stamford Bridge when the Blues were 2-0 down to Manchester United. Many fans sung ‘F*** Sarriball’ especially from the Matthew Harding stand. As time goes on if they continue to loose this growing hate will continue and it is already starting to become very sour anyways.

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3) Squad rotation needs to take place

Many fans have complained that Sarri needs to stop being so stubborn and mix it up a bit. Sarri appears to be playing the same team that isn’t working and the same formation. If the Chelsea boss was to change things up a bit maybe the outcome would be a lot different. A majority of Chelsea fans have been getting so frustrated recently due to this because Sarri is continuing to work with something that very clearly isn’t working. Therefore, it can be seen that squad rotation is vital for tomorrow night’s game. Not only is squad rotation important because what Sarri has been playing of recent hasn’t been working but with Sunday’s fixture coming up it is important that some of the main players are rested for the game against Manchester City. The Blues can’t afford to pick up any injuries so it is important that Sarri changes things up. It is an opportunity for younger players to play such as Callum Hudson-Odoi and Ethan Ampadu.

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4)Sarri is under massive pressure

It is very clear to see that Sarri is under massive pressure at the moment and his job is on the line. The Chelsea boss is certainly struggling and things are not looking good. Unless the manager can turn things around, he is very close to being pushed out the door. Not only is Sarri under massive pressure but names are flying around about who is going to take over if Sarri is sacked with Zinedine Zidane and Frank Lampard’s names in question. Therefore, Sarri is certainly on the edge and tomorrow night’s game and Sunday’s game against Manchester City could decide the future of the Chelsea boss.

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5)The fans need to continue to get behind the team

With frustrations rising and things going wrong fans are obviously going to get very annoyed. When fans are paying a lot to go and watch their team play week in, week out and they are losing it is a horrible feeling for them. However, more than ever the Chelsea team will need the fans behind them. In the press conference today Chelsea defender Antonio Rüdiger said: ‘’It is always important the supporters are with us, and sometimes you can understand if they are furious, like at City. All the players can do is deliver results and performances. They know the fans will always be at the games supporting them.’’ Therefore, it is important that fans continue to support the Blues in this very tough patch.

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