@luqmanruz – How many players in the current squad do you think are actually staying after the summer?

Its hard to say, because the manager situation is unclear. I think regardless we will see Zappacosta, Drinkwater, Cahill go for sure. Hudson-Odoi will certainly ask to go again if Sarri is still here. Willian I believe will go, Pedro, Giroud could as well. Eden Hazard will leave if things stay as they are, I cannot see him signing a new deal now. There will definitely be many holes in the squad to fill.

@FtblRubenRLC – What’s your honest opinion on the Hudson-Odoi situation?

I have no blame on him if he leaves this summer. I don’t care for the he’s only 18 and not many 18-year old’s play argument, that’s rubbish. He see’s his mates getting game time elsewhere, he knows he can do the same. Although I do debate that Bayern Munich will be the place he can do that, but right now he sure as hell isn’t getting any chances with us. So I’d not blame him for wanting to leave, he’s more than good enough to start ahead of Pedro and Willian for us.

@F_Lammie – Any chances of Jody Morris/Frank getting the call/wanting to come back to us?

I don’t think so, not yet anyway. Lampard will most certainly be giving us the eye right now, I know he would at least look at the role if it became available, but I think his wiser side would see him reject it at this moment, same with Jody.

@leo4lifepro – Next possible manager to replace Sarri? Zidane or Frankie?


My gut feeling believes that IF Sarri gets sacked, Laurent Blanc will come in as an interim until the end of the season, with the option to extend based on the success. Chelsea have spoken closely with Blanc before and he was the backup option to Sarri, so that is most likely for me.

@BradHaylock_ –  I am Sarri in, but if the inevitable happens and he is sacked, name 3 people you’d love in the coaching team and your ideal pick for Director of Football?

Ideal for me, would be Frank Lampard, with John Terry and Jody Morris in the staff. But not yet, I want Frank to go get the experience needed first, and then come back whens he’s ready. Unrealistic target would be Pochettino. Realist, I really don’t see anything that amazing available, though I wouldn’t be against Zidane.

DOF? A former player, Petr Cech or Michael Ballack for me. I think the footballing knowledge they will bring alongside knowing what it means to ‘be Chelsea’ is essentially what this club needs right now in the hire-achy.

@TsarSteven – Don’t you think that Sarri is less than 5% of the problem and whoever we bring in is set to fail unless a massive squad overhaul is done?

I think that if we continue to sack managers, there is always that reaction from players and you will perhaps see us go on a good run, win something – with whoever the new manager is, like Solskjaer at United. But that is just papering over the cracks. Another year later, some of the players become out of favour, morale drops, performances drop, the manager wants new players, doesn’t get them, gets sacked, and repeat. Its a vicious circle. We need to stabilise the club with a long term vision, one that involves integrating youth players and investing in the overhaul of the squad.

@decmurphy7 – Don’t you think we could deploy a 433 under another manager and play Kante in front of the CB’s making him play more like Makelele back in the day? I know blanc does this formation?

For me, Kante is not a holding midfielder. Yes he would do a good job there, but if you keep him there its like leashing up a beast. You will be taking away his best assets – his energy and pace. He’s never played solely as a holding midfielder (they play alone in the hole), despite what people blindly believe. He has only ever been part of a double pivot, meaning he’s still had the freedom to roam, even if he has been the more deeper of the two (but that’s just because he has the energy to do so).

Kante’s best position is a box to box midfielder for me, breaking up the play further forward starting counter attacks in advanced areas, as well as giving cover at the back. Maybe in a 4-2-3-1 I’d put Kante more defensive, but not in a 4-3-3, not for me anyway.

@IbraHussain1 – What is the current state at Chelsea now with Sarri, Marina and Roman?

Well, according to the general consensus of respectable sources – Sarri has three games to save his Chelsea career. If he does not produce results in the next few games, he’s seemingly a goner.

@KaranPauIWhy – Why all of a sudden a nothing trophy like Carabao cup is the make or break game for Sarri? As far as I remember the goal at the beginning of the season was to qualify for the CL and it is still very much likely that it will be accomplished?

I think Champions League football will be a lot harder than you think if we continue as we are. But a good point nonetheless. I think its more the fact that the performances recently are embarrassing. As fans watching on, Roman, as the owner, watching on, its embarrassing. And we know that Roman wont stand for that. He is also influenced by fans reactions, and he will see the unrest from them too.

@TeeJayEeee – Do you foresee Chelsea appointing a director of football or similar position in the foreseeable future? If yes then who would you wanna see?


Well, this was a plan that the club had in place almost a year ago now, to appoint a new Director of Football. But since then, all operations have been given to Marina Granovskaia, under the instruction of Roman Abramovich. I have no idea if they still plan to bring in a DOF, but they should do, my god they should do. Badly needed.

I covered who I want to see come in further up the page..

@LennardNot – Would you sign Kovacic next season?

I think he’s a great player, he carries the ball very well and is technically great. He offers almost nothing going forward though, so I’d only keep him as a rotation for one of the more defensive midfield roles, whether its backing up Jorginho, or playing a deep pivot, I don’t think he has enough to convince me he can be anything more than that. But he’s still a class player all the same.

@inojadhikari – What do you think it’s gonna take to make this club stable?

How long have you got? I’ll try keep it short. It either needs Roman to get more involved again, seek advice, and set out a clear vision for the club. Or it’s time for us to thank him for an amazing experience supporting the club under his ownership, and wish him well for the future.

If the rumours are true, and he is looking to sell the club in a couple of years then I don’t think it’ll be the end of the world. For me, his interest has dropped. And unless he’s going to get more involved and take leadership again, take more responsibility from Marina, then I would rather see a new investor come in with a passion for what he is buying. His UK restrictions have only made things more difficult and I can’t see that changing.

We need the owner to set out a clear strategy, alongside a football minded DOF, with a better scouting system, and a view to integrate youth players, as well as making the right signings and not just squad fillers. Be wise, be smart, be a football person, not a business person, but also have that balance of both. Employ a coach, get them more involved with backroom dealings, let them have an opinion, bring back club legends to coach, use their experience to drill into the players the dedication it needs to play for this team, and what it means to represent this club. In still blue into their blood. There is too much us and them, we need the club to be together as one, with a clear vision and goals business and football wise.

@SUKHDOSANJH8 – My question is where do you see this season ending in terms of Sarri? Personally I want him to stay and feel he needs time to bring in his players and get rid of the deadwood?

If Sarri goes, he’s only got himself to blame. He’s deluded if he thinks he can coach some of these players to play his football. He’s deluded if he keeps making these ridiculous in game decisions. The Chelsea board won’t put up with the performances he’s showing and although I admire his belief in his own system, if he doesn’t change something soon, he will lose his job, that’s it. I want to give him more time, but if he stays, I can only see us losing two or three of our top 18-year olds. I’ve not given up on Sarri just yet, but he’s making it very difficult for me.

He wants to replace Zappacosta with Elseid Hysaj. Where does that leave Reece James? He needs to come in and play next season. Callum Hudson-Odoi needs to play this season and beyond. Ethan Ampadu needs to play this season and beyond. I’m not OK with losing such talent, if that happened. I support the style of football that Sarri wants to play, but I don’t believe he can implement it with these players and he needs to try others.

@ngqa_s – Do you think Sarri will keep using the same players that are not performing considering today’s press conference? 

Yes, I do. Damn, shoot me now!

@Dalecassar10 – If Zidane was appointed as Chelsea manager, what football could we expect and would he be given a big transfer budget, a say in transfers, and get the best out of Eden Hazard?
I don’t know if Zidane is the answer. But I certainly think he will be a little more open to adapting than Sarri, whilst trying to play attacking football.
One thing that would be massive about appointing Zidane is his status as a footballing legend. I mean, the players would surely look up to him, take on his coaching, more than someone who has never played professionally?
Is that wrong? Yes of course, its player power again and its pathetic, but unfortunately its just part of the professional game these days, as sad as that is. Zidane is a legend and I think could be a good man manager. Is he the answer though, I’m not so sure.
Thanks all for your questions, sorry if I missed anyone, I had so many!