Yes, I’ve changed my mind again. As a Chelsea fan we are going to change our minds, but that’s because we don’t get any communication or answers from the club themselves, and the communication we get, is terrible (I’m talking about the media watch articles by the official Chelsea website.)

Let me quickly explain in short why I was Sarri In before.

I didn’t see a manager available for the long term who I believe could do a better job than Sarri.

I also, believed in Sarri’s philosophy and with time at Chelsea I still believe he could be one of our better managers in history.

I also believed that he wasn’t backed by the board enough and they ‘stitched him up’- by giving Sarri’s fate at Chelsea dependant on the Carabao Cup Final against Manchester City in which the trophy is already very likely not to be in London.

These are all very short reasons and only a couple of them for why I have defended Sarri to stay at the club, and why I still will. However, with recent rumours of Holland being the possible replacement for Sarri, it made me think, “Will it actually be horrific if Chelsea did sack Sarri?”

Sarri’s stubbornness was certainly one of my biggest doubts of Sarri. Continuously ignoring the belief of playing players on merit, as Maurizio said in the press conference once again.

At the moment, it certainly looks like Sarri isn’t that interested in the youth. Personally, I felt that he would eventually involve Hudson-Odoi a lot more as he did with Loftus-Cheek, however it doesn’t look like that and many fans are rightly angry about this.

Player power is clearly a problem at Chelsea Football Club, which is not Sarri’s fault at all in my opinion, but Steve Holland is certainly the exact type of coach who can get rid of this.

Steve Holland currently being England Assistant Manager to Gareth Southgate, would surely give the likes of Hudson-Odoi, Loftus-Cheek, Mount, James and other prospects more of an opportunity.

Obviously this doesn’t need to be explained, Holland knows the club inside out and know exactly what it means to play for the Chelsea badge.

In conclusion, don’t take this as a Sarri hate post. I would still be happy to see Sarri manage us for the next three years. But maybe, things may not be as bad as some people expect if the Italian Manager is sacked and replaced with Holland.