With the likelihood of Maurizio Sarri being sacked as the manager of Chelsea I look at the possibility of Frank Lampard and Jody Morris taking over.

As we all know Frank Lampard needs no introduction to Chelsea. For me like others he’s the greatest player to ever play for us and it will take some beating. Leaving the club as Chelsea’s all time record goal scorer on 211 goals from a midfielder is quite remarkable. Also not forgetting that he won every trophy available for Chelsea and some on more than one occasion.

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Having started his managerial career at Derby County this season with former Chelsea player and youth team coach Jody Morris as his assistant is it the right time to bring them back to Stamford Bridge?

We’d all love a fairytale and would love nothing more than them to come back and be successful.

I honestly feel like many supporters it would be awlful if Frank came back and it didn’t work out and his legacy at Chelsea may be tarnished. As we well know manager’s very rarely leave Chelsea in positive circumstances and things can turn sour very quickly.

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Bringing back ex players / legends to manage your club sounds great but it’s by no means guaranteed to be successful. We have seen in recent times Alan Shearer going back to Newcastle to manage and they were still relegated.

If the club set out clear guidelines to the supporters in which direction the club were going in regards to developing youth players and trying to implement a new identity I feel Frank and Jody could be perfect for the position.

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Nobody knows the youth set up better than Jody Morris having won multiple trophies with our outstanding youth talent in recent years. We often state as fans that our squad lacks leaders but imagine the respect our young players and first team squad would have for Frank and Jody. Not to mention the backing and support they’d get from the fans.

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It’s a real difficult one and I remain sat on the fence. Maybe Frank and Jody need to manage more and gain more experience before coming back to Chelsea!

A recent poll on twitter suggested that;

Despite it being 63% yes many commented that they would be happy and supportive but it maybe too soon and the added worry it may effect Frank’s legacy at the club.

Who knows what might happen we’ll have to wait in anticipation…….

Written by Chris Wright