A transfer ban was just announced by FIFA for two windows, which could set back Chelsea in the future. But will it?

Chelsea are facing this ban due to the signing of Bertrand Traore who is now at Lyon as well as Andreas Christensen and others at a younger age than the FIFA regulations.

One reason why the transfer ban may be positive is due to the situation with Eden Hazard. Everyone knows what a brilliant player Eden Hazard is, and I can guarantee many Chelsea fans “wouldn’t mind” him staying at the club. Hazard’s situation may be very similar to Griezmann’s where in fact him leaving the club in this situation may make him feel slightly guilty, as it would be hard to find a similar replacement for Eden (although we have Hudson-Odoi who could replace him but I’m not sure Chelsea and Sarri see the same way).

The youth. At the beginning of the season, I suspected that the club was changing. We were changing philosophy. Most fans did, especially with the signing of “long-term manager” Maurizio Sarri. But let’s be honest, has anything improved with the youth? No, and it may have possibly got worse. Both Ampadu and Hudson-Odoi, two of the most talented players the club has produced, have received extremely minimum minutes this season, even if opportunities were less. MAYBE, a transfer ban can help them get more game time at Chelsea. However, the fear of the transfer ban definitely scared the board, hence they bought Pulisic in this January window rather than the Summer, which made Hudson-Odoi unsettled.

There has been some progress though. It was reported that Chelsea were unwilling to buy a midfielder due to not wanting to upset some of the younger midfielders such as Loftus-Cheek and Mason Mount (cheeky plug here, check out my interview with Mason Mount’s father!). But, currently with the situation we are in, we need to back Sarri as much as we can as we appointed him in the first place for some stability, and he will only be able to work best with what he wants. In other words, give him what he wants.

It also means that Roman Abramovic is most likely going to stay as the club owner for a couple more years at least, as I highly doubt he would leave the club with a transfer ban, especially as not many big owners would want to join us anyway. This upcoming transfer window he may have to spend a lot of money as we won’t be able to buy any players for two more windows (Chelsea are going to appeal against FIFA).

One of the biggest problems as well is that we currently don’t have a Director of Football after Emenalo’s departure, and it is unlikely for us to get one as the director would be unable to make many changes with the limit of the transfer ban.

The biggest of problems, the most obvious one, is that we won’t be able to buy anyone. Chelsea over the last 15 years has been based on buying and selling players, and that simply is the way we are run. Although I think a new way of running the club is needed, many will feel that the club may disagree.

To conclude, the transfer ban may not be as bad as some are making it due to a bigger chance for the youth, however it certainly will make it harder for Chelsea to run the way they have in the last 15 years.