The absolute joy of going to a game of football live is you get to see things not generally reported in the media. You get a different perspective from the ones who have their own agenda’s to pursue.

I was at the Chelsea vs. Kiev game last night and sat in the lower section of the East Stand. It was right in front of where the substitute players do their warm up. It’s always interesting to see how they react to the crowd as they run along.

For me, it was about one player in particular. There was very little chance that Eden Hazard would have any part to play in the game given Chelsea led 2-0. However, he came out and trotted along and as soon as the crowd sang his name, a big smile spread across his face as he applauded the crowd.

Image: @ACParee

As far as I could see he absolutely loves the attention he receives from Chelsea supporters. At one point a child behind me, on seeing Hazard, ran down to the side of the pitch and somehow managed to get a selfie whilst the game was going on (don’t tell Sarri). The child returned to his seat in tears of joy at his good fortune

When Maurizio Sarri and Gianfranco Zola called CHO back to the bench to come on, Hazard reacted with a big smile, knowing the youngster was going on. His work for the evening was over, but as he walked back to the bench with Higuain, he once again milked the applause and lapped up the crowd’s adoration.

I like Eden Hazard very much. He just seems to enjoy his football so much. When dons his Chelsea kit, he seems, to me, like a kid running out on the park with his mates. He’s at a club that truly loves him and I don’t understand why he doesn’t sign on the dotted line.

My head tells me, maybe because of the media agenda, that he’ll move onto Real Madrid in the summer but my heart says he will definitely stay at Chelsea.

With reports circulating this morning of Jose Mourinho’s imminent arrival at Real Madrid, maybe as soon as this weekend, the suggestion is that may play into Chelsea’s favour. The last knocking’s of Mourinho’s 2015-16 season were certainly not Eden’s finest as a blue, maybe that adds it a bit more hope to the argument that he stays.

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