Even if you live under a rock, you’ll have heard by now that Chelsea’s appeal to freeze the transfer ban imposed on them by FIFA has been rejected. As a result, a cloud of uncertainty has formed above Stamford Bridge as players, which the club may have looked to move on in the summer, be that from our current squad or the Loan Army, might just stay in London after all.

One of the most iconic and popular faces currently at Chelsea is Brazilian centre-back David Luiz, a fan favourite despite his knack of switching off at crucial moments during a game. While the situation seemed to be that a new deal wouldn’t be struck between the club and player due to quarrels over contract length, these trifles could soon be over with Chelsea’s hand being forced to offer the veteran the terms he craves. The player himself seems quite keen when asked by the Evening Standard if we’ll see him in blue next season.

“I think so. We are talking with the club. Everybody knows I love this club, I feel comfortable here and am happy here. I am doing my job very well so I think a lot is going to happen. I have the job best job [sic] in the world so I have to be motivated every single day. I love football, if I didn’t love football I would not be playing anymore.” -David Luiz; source: Evening Standard

Whether one was hoping for Luiz to leave the club at the end of this season or is happy with this new development, the need to tie down certain players – especially those with leadership qualities – is imperative before a summer that could see Chelsea lose its star player and talisman in Eden Hazard. Luiz did leave Stamford Bridge for Paris at one point, but there’s no doubt that the lovable defender always held a genuine affection for our club and continues to do so.

Many of us would have liked for the Blues to ‘shop til they drop’ and acquire some younger, top-notch players, especially in defense. As it stands, this process will either be delayed or rendered redundant if Chelsea bloods in their own academy players, such as Ethan Ampadu or Jake Clark-Salter. In any case, providing David Luiz with a new deal is one of the only – and best – options we have while being crippled by this ban; he won’t represent a long-term stumbling block for the younger talents due to his age and the youngsters can learn a thing or two from him during this transition.

Onwards and upwards!