Chelsea started this season on a run of 18 matches unbeaten, and it although Maurizio Sarri’s football wasn’t in full flow, there was positivity amongst the fans, players and media alike.

In November Chelsea were cruising, and Sarri spoke highly of how things were progressing…

“The results and the quality of our football are positive. 18 games without a loss, in such a competitive reality show that we’re on the right track. I’m even more happy because we play a lot and the rhythm is really tight

But after Christmas things turned sour, and performances/results, were simply disgraceful. Most notably a 6-0 drumming against Manchester City, and an embarrassing 4-0 defeat to Bournemouth.

Chelsea weren’t just losing games, they were getting embarrassed. Performances were lacklustre, predictable, and the players looked confused and clueless.

Naturally, the backlash occurred. Some supporters turned on Sarri and the style of play he was trying to implement, calling it boring, which at times it undeniably was.

The media circled like vultures claiming that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich was sharpening his axe. Sarri was allegedly close to exit door already.

Fans have always been split with opinions of Sarri. Some offer balanced views and believed he needed to adapt his tactics at times to suit the premier league. Some believed that he has no clue at all. Others fully believe he is the right man for the job.

So over the weekend I decided to run a poll to gauge the general supporters views on Sarri right now. I didn’t want in-depth views, I wanted a basic answer, do you still want Sarri as our manager right now, or do you want him out?

The results, were overwhelmingly in favour of the Italian coach..

The poll is still running, but with well over 8,000 votes and 84% of those voting ‘Sarri In’, it’s clear to see the majority still back him at this stage.

It’s been retweeted 300 times, so it’s gained a wide reach of fans.

I think some of it also boils down to the fact many supporters have grown frustrated with the hiring and firing policy at Stamford Bridge, and want to give Sarri at least until the end of this season to see what he can achieve.

The Europa League is certainly winnable, and top four is in their own hands. So the season’s initial targets of gaining top four, and seriously challenging for silverware, are more than on course.

Sarri has become a bit more versatile with his tactics, which is a real positive.

I agree with the majority. I may be vocal in some things I disagree with Sarri on, but I’m also vocal in the good things he does, and I’m still backing him.

In small pockets, we’ve seen how devastating his style of play can be. I just believe he needs better players in some areas to fully implement it. But we’ll see.

Simon Phillips