Firstly I’d like to say this article is not ‘reactionary’ a term many Sarri ‘fans’ use when your opinion on Chelsea is deemed as being negative soon after a game. I don’t claim to know everything on Maurizio Sarri and I didn’t watch much of his impressive Napoli team. I do however like many watch Chelsea week in week out at either Stamford Bridge or on TV and I don’t think you have to have to be an expert to know it’s not working.

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I was excited by the appointment of Maurizio Sarri in the summer of 2018 despite a lack of trophies in his managerial career. As I’ve said in previous articles I appreciate a new style of play does take time and Maurizio didn’t have a pre season to implement his ideas further. However, I personally don’t think he’s the man to take the club forward.

Not only have there been embarrassing results and performances but Sarri continues to make basic errors game after game. Some will say Chelsea fans are very negative even when the team is announced before a game. There’s a reason for that, it’s because we all know he’s getting it wrong.

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Playing top players out of position, poor like for like substitutions and the lack of game time for our talented youth during at a time where a transfer ban looms. Meanwhile our best young talent looks set to leave at the end of the season. Would any of you really blame Hudson-Odoi if he decides to leave?

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It has appeared throughout the season that Sarri has struggled to get the best out of his players. That really isn’t that surprising when you take over an ageing squad and try to implement something different. Sometimes you have to change your approach in different games and not be predictable to the opposition and keep doing the same things over and over again. Sarri once said that he can’t implement a plan b until his players have mastered plan a. Surely it’s the other way round! Baffling.

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It just seems that Sarri only really knows one way of playing football. Personally I find the term ‘Sarriball’ quite cringey especially when it’s so mind boggling boring to watch. Loads of possession and passes but no end product. Sarri did question the mentality of his players which I found strange as he continued to play them and not change anything.

A new system that is full of energy with quick press when not in possession and 1-2 touch quick play when we have the ball. Sarri continues to play the likes of Willian, Pedro, Alonso etc. Frustrating when we have young energetic talent in Hudson-Odoi, Ampadu and Loftus-Cheek who are simply not getting enough game time in what is clearly a transition season.

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I personally thought Chelsea should have sacked Sarri after the humiliating performance and result at home to Man United in the F.A Cup. I felt at the time we’d have had more chance of winning the League Cup and qualifying for the Champions League without him.

We will of course win some games from now until the end of the season but it won’t be enough. We’ve had a fantastic chance to catch up and make ground on the top 4 due to poor results from Tottenham but we haven’t taken them. Yes, we do have the Europa League and I’ve stated before that we can win the competition especially seeing the recent draw which was very generous to us.

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Yes, there are problems with our board, transfer dealings and generally how the club is run but Sarri has to take responsibility for such poor basic managerial decisions. I just feel he’s not the man to take our club forward. He lacks tactics, charisma and players clearly aren’t responding to him and his stubbornness is painful. I don’t expect everyone to agree and neither do I know who the right person is for the job. I don’t think Sarri will leave now but the board may loose patience at the end of the season. I’ll always continue to support our beloved blues but Maurizio Sarri is far from convincing me.

Written By Chris Wright


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