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With this International break Chelsea have just under two weeks before we play again with the trip to Cardiff. In that time Chelsea have a decision to make, whether Maurizio Sarri should take charge for that fixture.

Sky Sports broke news saying discussions had been held between the board and Sarri over recent results. (Doesn’t normally end well.)

Since that statement we’ve heard no recent developments. The Chelsea players that aren’t on International Duty returned to Cobham which was took by Sarri as usual.

As the top four looks more a less done, I asked the question yesterday, Can you trust Sarri to win the Europa League?

It had just over 1,500 responses and was a fairly split poll with just a 5% difference. 55% of the responses do believe Sarri can win the Europa League and ultimately complete the objective of getting champions league football next season.

My opinion on whether he can complete this objective and build on into the summer is split for a variety of reasons.

To begin with I think there could be a strong possibility that Sarri doesn’t see out the campaign. Match-going supporters are making their feelings known by handing back tickets and The Bridge is struggling to sell out. The main focus on a football club is profit, and empty seats doesn’t equal a maximised profit.

Other factors that are taken into account are with Sarri’s team selections. So far in the Europa League we’ve seen rotated lineups of players that usually won’t get the opportunity to play week in week out. When we have must win fixtures that are tight on paper, Sarri is likely to revert to his Premier League lineup which has failed him on a number of occasions and could prove costly in Europe.

Players like Callum Hudson-Odoi and Olivier Giroud have been top performers in the competition, but are rarely given a chance in the league. Giroud is the Europa League’s top goalscorer, but he can’t start ahead of on loan striker Gonzalo Higuain, who has 3 goals in 10 appearances.

Hudson-Odoi is the highest ranked player on ‘WhoScored’ with his contributions. but when it comes to the pressure period will Sarri continue using them?

In some factors I believe Sarri could deliver the Europa League just on the basis of the players have been proven to be motivated in other competitions. For example, in the Carabao Cup Chelsea have completed the task of winning at Anfield and went 120 minutes without conceding a goal against Manchester City, which will be much more challenging than the remaining fixtures we have.

We have the added motivation of winning a trophy, which could make Chelsea believe it is the perfect way to get Champions League. This squad still has winners in it so it’s nothing new.

The overall factors look to be against Sarri, but there’s no point in causing a divide because we all support the same club, Chelsea FC. So the best thing to do is get behind the team and the manager and that could set some positivism.

Written By @CFCDaily