Debut Contribution Post from Vinay Dhareshwar


“Blue is the colour, football is the game,

we’re all together and winning is our aim,

so cheer us on through the Sun and Rain,

because Chelsea, Chelsea is our name”


I decided to start with this song, because during tough times, it gives a sense of hope.

This season Maurizio Sarri has come in and tried to implement his brand of football, and even though it’s not as bad as it seems, the reaction of many portray the image that it’s horrible.

Correct, he hasn’t used the squad too well, has not given enough opportunities to our young talents, continued picking under-performing players, and hasn’t been too fond of changing up when things go south.

But is he 100% responsible for the results? In my opinion – he is partially responsible.

Sarri isn’t the one to go out on the pitch, miss great goal scoring opportunities, not make the right movements off the ball for example, but it’s the players who are responsible for this. Sarri has stated many times that he feels some players aren’t quite picking up what he’s asking them to do on the pitch.

Recently, the general consensus going around is that Sarri may be sacked during the International Break. And there have been various names popping up to take up the role of Head Coach. But will it work? I think not.

Why? Because we’re going for temporary quick fixes. This may sound crazy but there’s a reason why we have regular slumps after winning trophies. That reason is for me is, we lack strong mentalities, battlers, and leaders.

Most players in this squad can play, and even display glorious plays at times, but it doesn’t feel enough. You don’t just need the armband to be a leader. Its about having that spirit, and that ability to fight even when things aren’t going well.


Not to mention the urgent need of a Director of Football. Change has to start from the top, and we definitely need a proper setup which should flow right down to the players.

Transition is hard and we can’t expect changes within a season. In the modern era of football, if you don’t get results quick, then you’re sacked. But it’s the responsibility of the club’s hierarchy to offer that support, trust and time. There needs to be more communication and coordination, more of a connection, a synergy for the transition to happen smoothly.

The point I’m trying to make in this article is that there are many more things to be fixed besides the Head Coach, and once that is done, then we will be able to proceed with long term projects.

For now, I’m still backing Sarri because I know how hard it is for him at the moment, and I hope it works out. Hopefully we can still make the top four and win the Europa league, thus qualifying for the Champions League next season.

I respect all of your opinions and won’t force my opinion on you or disregard yours. Everyone has a reason for why they believe what they do. And in the end we may have different opinions, but we’re all fans of Chelsea Football Club after all. Peace!

Written By @vfactor07