After Chelsea’s astonishingly terrible performance against Cardiff, yet somehow we clinched out with the win, Sarri has not had as many fans want him to leave the club. So, I went to as many of our Chelsea Echo writers as possible to get their opinion in short. Sarri In, or Sarri Out?


Sarri out.

I actually like his philosophy and think he’s a great manager but clearly with this group of playersw and this club it’s not working and I doubt it ever will. We’re a club used to winning and risk getting left behind if we don’t qualify for the champions league again. Respect the man but for me he’s just not the guy for this club.


Sarri out. This is not just about results this season. The question is, is Sarri the right man for the long term club.

Is he a team builder, a man who can develop and integrate academy players, does his style really fit with Chelsea? And is he ever going to win over the fans?

I’m just not convinced. Whatever happens this season now I simply don’t trust this man with the long term future of the club and to make the most of our academy.


Basically feel with the transfer ban, the current standing of the club & other options available for the role we should stick with Sarri. If he achieves Champions League qualification and a trophy, it will be a successful season.


In. Since day 1 and i won’t be changing my mind before the end of the season unless something dramatically changes.

As for why… he simply hasn’t had enough time to do what he’s been tasked to do.

Completely change the philosophy/mindset of the first-team (style, less defensive, more attack-minded, try to improve the brittle mentality, work with basically a bang average squad, most of which are not his type of player(s)…

To be expected to do this (from the board and even more so from the impatient and entitled section of our fanbase) in just one season… Take the blue-tinted glasses and come back down from the clouds. All of that will NOT happen in one season. Give him the players he asks for and a full pre-season (without no World Cup happening)… come six weeks into 19/20… THEN you can start judging him.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Sarri in, just. Deserves a full-pre season, potential changes in the summer if allowed to buy his players, currently right on target from the start of the season. Bored of hiring/firing.


I’m Sarri out!

I appreciate he’s playing a new system which does take time but he has made basic errors all season. Dismissing the youth over players that are 30+ and not playing well. Poor & ineffective subs. Struggles with a plan B. Maybe he needs to play a system that suits the team he has. Always going to be difficult with an ageing squad.

I would love to have a long term stable manager but I don’t think this is going to be Sarri. It’s certainly not a reason to keep him!


It’s a struggle to watch this team play. The football is predictable , and teams have easily found us out. The performances are poor, but that’s not the main reason my patience has gone.  But for me, it’s the fact that Sarri simply does not have the players to implement his system. He needs at least 6 or 7 top quality players in a number of positions to get anywhere near playing the way he wants to play. And that’s simply not going to happen. Check out more on Simon’s recent article.


Myself, well, if you’ve been following me on Twitter you know where my opinion is at. I am Sarri In, just, and that is due to many reasons. Some being the lack of support from the board/when getting support it being too late (for example Higuain), lack of pre season and us generally being months behind, us needing a long term manager and sacking him would be an utter embarrassment in my opinion. Youth for me isn’t a priority, however saying that there certainly is no harm in playing the likes of Hudson-Odoi and Ampadu a lot more than they are.

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