According to the ESPN, Chelsea would be interested in purchasing Atletico Paranaense’s player Bruno Guimarães, if the transfer ban was to be delayed. Personally, I had not heard much about the player before the rumours emerged, and I highly doubt you had either. However, after a bit of research, it turns out that Bruno may not be a bad player after all…

Small Facts to know:

Age: 21

Height: 5″11

Nationality: Brazil

Position: Deep Lying Playmaker (Similar to Jorginho), has played in the centre of defense before with other clubs.

Foot: Right

Bruno Guimarães Game Style:

This is what you most likely came for. How does he play? Is he good enough for Chelsea? How similar is he to Jorginho? Could he be a cheaper option for Kovacic? Well, everything you need to know about the player is right in front of you.

One thing which impressed me the most was his ability to dribble past players quite easily, and on the ball he was decently quick. From what I could see, he is much quicker than Jorginho and can drive into the box. This is where he could improve Chelsea at most in my opinion, like Kovacic does. Some could say that Jorginho can be predicatable- that he won’t be moving much with the ball himself but will be looking to release the ball with the pass as much as possible, whether it is backwards, sideways or forwards. If during a game, Jorginho is being heavily man marked by an opposition player, a lot of the time our buildup is much slower. But if we were to sub on Bruno during the game, it could confuse the opposition as he would be able to drive forward from deep, creating a lot more space around him.

The second thing which I noticed was his advanced technical ability on the ball, similarly to Kovacic again. Guimarães was able to keep the ball in tight areas and get out of tough situations, and the larger and more physical players around him didn’t seem to bother him. This could certainly help us in the bigger games when we need to be strong and composed on the ball.

One obvious requirement for a Deep Lying Playmaker is their movement off the ball, and this was clearly shown with Bruno, but what impressed me more was his movement going forward as well. Going deep, he picks up spaces between his team’s defence and midfield, always looking to turn around and play the ball. Exactly like Jorginho, some could say even more effectively. As mentioned, his movement in the final third is great and reminds me of how Hamsik played for Napoli under Maurizio Sarri. Bruno knows where to be at the right time and understands the game very well. This makes him able to play almost everywhere in the midfield if it comes to the stretch, something which is currently needed a lot more in the Chelsea squad- versitality.

One thing heavily criticised of Jorginho and Kovacic is their passing range, especially when the club has been used to having Fabregas over the last couple years. Bruno certainly has a great passing range, but like Jorginho, he relies heavily on movement around him. He is best at switching the ball and playing long passes to keep the opposition running round.

Talking of passing range, Guimaraes can also take set pieces, especially corners. It feels like Chelsea haven’t had a player who can whip the ball in the box 9 out of 10 times from a corner, and it certainly is time we get some good corners in. I’m sure many will agree with this, but the ball not going over the first man from a corner is the most frustrating thing for a fan.

Bruno can certainly defend a lot better than Jorginho, and is not afraid of making a tackle. As mentioned before, he reads the game very well, so he also makes good interceptions. His defensive side is very similar to Barella, who was heavily linked with joining Chelsea in January.

To conclude: Do we buy, or not? In my opinion, if the transfer ban is delayed we should buy him. Personally he’d be a great backup to Jorginho, and would be a much cheaper option than Kovacic. I also believe he wouldn’t be halting any of the younger player’s progress, as the role he plays is very specific to certain players.