We are all Chelsea fans. We’re meant to be uniting, not causing toxicity. We’re meant to celebrate goals, be happy when at Stamford Bridge, be happy when at home watching the television, be happy getting goalnotifications on your phone.  That’s the whole point of fans of the same club, right? Otherwise we should all be supporting different clubs. So what on earth is the point of disrespecting each other in the first place?

Football would not be the same without opinons. Any sport would not be the same without opinions. Am I asking everyone to have the same opinion? NO, of course not. One of the things I enjoy most is debating with my friends about the thing which we all love, Chelsea. Sarri In/Sarri Out? Hazard to leave/Hazard to stay? Mount in/Mount out? Whatever we talk about, every single fan is important to the club, and in no way does one fan deserve a higher voice than other fans, whether it’s due to popularity, social media followers, links with the club, whatever. Let’s be honest, all we’re talking about is Chelsea, and that’s the most important thing because Chelsea fans are the only ones who will be supporting Chelsea through their life. Not managers, board members, players, nothing.

Fans who live in Fulham are more important to the club than fans who live in Los Angeles? Utter rubbish. I can’t believe I am having to even mention this, as there are so many more worse problems out there in football like racism or discrimination, but there are still Chelsea fans who believe that match going fans have a more valid opinion than fans foreign fans.

Okay, let’s remove everything which is not English from the club Chelsea. We are left with 6 players out of 22 in our first team. Let’s take away foreign fans from the club, and Chelsea are left with billions of pounds in reduction with an empty Stamford Bridge. Fans, from anywhere, help the club and we would be nowhere near how big we are if we didn’t have anything foreign.

This video from AMERICAN fan Alex Goldberg summarises it up.

What also happened to context? Context in life generally is the most important thing. What if I supported Chelsea since the age of 4 all the way till 18 and went to every single game. but I got a job and had to move to America, meaning I couldn’t go to Stamford Bridge? Fake fan? Deluded if you think so.

Finally, we are all Chelsea fans. All proper Chelsea fans want is to see Chelsea win, whether they want x out or y out or z out. For me, if you want your team to lose for ANY reason, you’re not a fan. No one speaks for everyone on social media, none of that. Everyone has their own opinion and their own voice and they should feel free to express that, however absurd you may think it is.

Think to yourself, genuinly, are you a Maurizio Sarri fan, are you a Antonio Conte fan, are you a Abramovic fan, or are you a Chelsea fan?

Short Article. Not a rant/Not targeted at anyone individually. Just facts.