Are the words of the two-time Premier League winner justified?

In somewhat quite surprising news, former Chelsea player Cesc Fàbregas has today claimed that he was forced out of the club due to Maurizio Sarri’s “son” Jorginho.

Speaking at a Monaco press conference, Fabregas said:

“I was at Chelsea and I could have renewed my contract to stay there. A new coach came and he came with a player that, for him, was like his son.”

– Cesc Fabregas

The World Cup winner left Chelsea in January after nearly five years at the club to join Ligue 1 strugglers AS Monaco and now the 31-year-old midfielder has revealed why he felt the need to move on.

Photo source: L’Equipe

Fabregas said he had the option to extend his contract at Stamford Bridge, but decided to leave instead. The former Spain international explained that when Sarri joined as manager, he brought with him Jorginho, a player that “was like his son” and who made it difficult for him to play.

“For me it was difficult to play every single game – this is what I want to do. I love football. When I played for Chelsea, I’m happy.”

– Cesc Fabregas

Midfielder Jorginho followed Sarri from Napoli last summer and has since made 45 appearances for Chelsea, scoring two goals.

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Fabregas, who only appeared in 15 games this season for the Premier League side before joining Monaco on a free transfer (which will rise to £10m), felt it was time to move on:

“It was impossible to play every match – for whatever reason it was and I decided to come to a project [Monaco] that was different for me and I think it will give me so much satisfaction.”

– Cesc Fabregas

Are the words from Fabregas justified? Is he being too harsh towards Sarri and Jorginho? Is he showing jealousy even?

Time will tell I suppose…