There were reports of injuries to a number of young Chelsea supporters at Anfield yesterday, after a smoke bomb was thrown down into the away end, where many families were sitting.

Unconfirmed reports of a 9-year old girl being hospitalised with burn injuries, and a young boy needing medical treatment in the club’s first aid room.

I spoke to one supporter who was in that away stand, and it was her son that needed treatment.

Fran is a regular at Chelsea matches home and away. She said..

“A smoke bomb was thrown into the away end from the upper tier, right where we were sat.”

“My son Donte was ok initially but shortly after that his eyes went red and itchy and very runny, his nose was streaming, he was sneezing constantly then really coughing. The steward just in front of us offered to get a paramedic to look at him. Then took us to the first aid room. They checked his sats which they weren’t happy about at first but improved after having the nebuliser”.

“They took a report and the police have my details. I know Chelsea have been made aware of what happened too. Donte was sick on the coach but I think that’s the affects of everything plus the nebuliser too!”

Donte seems to be better this morning, we are pleased to hear, Fran finished off..

“He definitely seems to have perked up though his eyes are still a little bit red.”

Not a nice experience for Fran, and the others to go through and the situation could have been a lot worse. At this point I’d like to praise Liverpool staff members and the medical team for acting swiftly and effectively to help Donte.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, some fans on social media were finding it amusing.

Sign of the times? Looks that way. Sad state of play.

This fan declared that they were not the ones to throw it, but attempted to justify it by claiming coins were thrown back up at them in retaliation. There is the key, ‘in retaliation’ at a situation that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Hopefully the Police, and Liverpool FC take the appropriate action.

Simon Phillips