In case you somehow missed it, have a read of my exclusive interview with Mason Mount’s father Tony Mount where we discussed Mason’s present, past and future with Chelsea and Derby. (I am still in contact with Tony so some of the stuff in here may be things we have talked about privately.)

Mason Mount. A player who has impressed every single year from the age of six to his current age of 20. Yet still, there are many Chelsea fans who do not believe he has the quality yet, or believe he needs to play in a more competetive league to get a chance at Chelsea. As much as I have full respect for your opinion, here’s why I think he deserves to be in the Chelsea squad next season.

The first thing which is one of the most important things is working under Frank Lampard and Jody Morris, as well as team-mate Ashley Cole. Here’s one of the questions from the interview:

Q. How is Mason finding working under Lampard and how has he improved his game?

He loves it. He’s really enjoying the loan at Derby. He really enjoys working under Jody Morris who he’s got experience under when they won the FA Youth Cup. He jumped to the opportunity to work with a legend like Frank Lampard, being one of the best number 8’s in the world. Every day Mason says to me it’s about watching, looking, listening and learning and he’s thoroughly enjoying it. Frank’s adding to Mason’s game in different areas, it’s not only the experience and playing in a very competitive strong league, but also developing and learning.

1_dm_tem_170718dcfc_1031dcfcjpgI understand that Frank Lampard still has a long way to go as a manager, and who knows it may not work out for him. But one thing which cannot be doubted is the ability he had as a midfielder, and I am confident that Lampard is passing on these tips every single day to Mason. To become the best sometimes you have to learn from the best, and he certainly is receiving precise advice and knowledge from the best.

Secondly, some don’t believe in it and some do believe in it, it’s the mentality which Mason Mount has. We all know how much Sarri is demanding for better mentality, and Mount certainly has it. In our interview when I asked about whether Mason believes he will make it at Chelsea, Tony replied with this: “He does. He always has. He mentally believes that given the opportunity he will take it […] Mason believes in it wholeheartedly and has done the whole time.”

Thirdly, it’s that he wanted to try something new, something different. Mason could have easily stayed this season and had an unreal season playing in the comfort zone with Joe Edward’s U23’s, but he didn’t. I can guarantee that all round Mount at the end of this year will be better as a player than what we would have been if he had stuck with Chelsea. Some will say, ‘Why didn’t he go to a more competitive league like Germany or Portugal?” (He was offered by some clubs in these countries and did think about joining a certain club with Germany). Fair enough. However, Mason has played almost every minute which he could have under Lampard, where as he had no idea that he could have got similar minutes in the Bundesliga. We also need to remember that the Championship isn’t even the weakest of leagues in England, and that he has already played with foreign club Vitesse where he excelled. Reece James is also currently a fan favourite playing in the Championship, yet I do not see many wanting for him to play in another competitive league…

Mason has a plan. He has set out his career. He wants to make it at Chelsea. Simple. His plan was to go out on loan for two seasons, get as much experience as possible and play as many games, and then completely go for it with Chelsea. This upcoming pre-season he will be looking to impress the Chelsea manager, whoever it may be, but will be fully confident in his ability and up for it, which in my opinion is exactly what we need more of in the club. (Mason has been in contact with the club this season.)

People have to remember, for Premier League standards, and as much as we want as many Chelsea youth players to make it with us, he is still young. He currently is no where near the finished product, and will only improve, especially when he gets the opportunity to hopefully work with world class players next season. With all due respect, the quality of Derby and Vitesse are no where near Chelsea’s, and with better players around him he surely will only thrive.

Lastly, there is no harm whatsoever if he plays with us next year. Chelsea hopefully will be playing in the Champions League, meaning there will be fixtures everywhere and you can only think that if he takes his chances and impresses like Hudson-Odoi has done this season, he’s going to get gametime next year, and vital gametime for his own career.

I would love to have a chat with you guys about this topic, would you guys send him on loan next year to a top 5 league or agree with me? Thanks for reading, and make sure to follow Chelsea Echo on all social media platforms.