We all know there are many issues within Chelsea Football Club and it starts at board level. I do however feel many of these issues have got absolutely nothing to do with the poor decision making and the stubbornness of Maurizio Sarri.

Many fans will also suggest that it’s the players that are the current problem at Chelsea. This article will give the point of view that the criticism should be pointed in direction of our manager.

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It seems many feel we can’t be critical of Sarri because it’s his first season and we must ‘trust the process’. I was excited like many with his arrival despite his lack of success with regards to winning trophies. The errors Sarri has made this season and his stubbornness has left me feeling deflated this season.

I don’t expect Chelsea to win trophies every season but I do expect a manager to get the basics right.

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Tactics during games are often poor and very predictable to the opposition. Substitutions are usually like for like and make no impact. It does appear that Sarri has seen the light with regards to finally playing the likes of Christensen, Hudson-Odoi & Emerson but why has it taken this long!

With regards to our team I’m a firm believer that if the squad isn’t good enough for the system Sarri wants to play then change the system. Let’s be real we’re not going to change that many players instantly! It was very naive of Chelsea to employ a manager who only has one way of playing!

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I sympathise with some players as well. Victor Moses was the first to leave due to the new system. Marcos Alonso has been poor but he plays much better as a wing back. Azpilicueta has been equally poor in my opinion and Sarri continues to play him every game. We all knew David Luiz would struggle in a back four and Kante has also been moved out his most comfortable position where he has been one of the best in the world.

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Fabregas was sold in January with no replacement so there is no competition for Jorginho’s position. Again fans get very defensive when some say that he’s been poor at times this season. Our centre forwards very rarely get the ball in this system and I can’t see this changing.

Many of our squad are reaching 30 or surpassed and Sarri has played them for long periods throughout the season. Quick press and playing with much energy and changing the system is always going to be challenging but it’s Sarri that continues to play these players! With regards to motivating the players and questioning their mentality I’m sorry but that’s his job! Also after saying this why not drop them for the next game? Make a point, play a player from the youth! No one would blame him.

Many of our results and performances have been poor this season and it is clear how many season ticket holders and members feel at the moment with the number of tickets placed on the ticket exchange website! Just to make it clear Sarri is not Klopp or Pep! Painful to hear I know but they are winners, Sarri is not! The passion, charisma and overall personality is also something that Sarri lacks.

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Many people ask me who should replace Sarri as manager. To be honest I don’t know, I like the idea of Steve Holland but maybe in the summer. The first thing we need to do is sack Sarri. We have a better chance of winning the Europa League without him as our manager. I’ll continue to support the club as I’ve always done but I feel for the good of the club the quicker Sarri goes the better.

We all want a long term manager at the club but that certainly isn’t a reason to keep Sarri as manager. I feel we’re currently delaying the inevitable.

Written by Chris Wright



  1. Klopp under Liverpool finished 8th in there first season. And there were Liverpool fans like you with who would calling for clops head for one reason or another. Since we are being honest, let’s be really honest and talk about so called “Chelsea fans” for once. Putting season ticket for exchange? Doing racist chants every next week, calling “fuck sarriball” cause we are one will down against Cardiff, yes players and coach are not performing to the expected level. But the biggest disgrace to Chelsea badge IS so called “Chelsea fans”.


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