We still have a few matches left of this frustrating season, and of course we are still on for European silverware and Champions League qualification.

But without going into that too much right now, my frustrations stem simply because I just haven’t enjoyed watching us play this season in general. I can’t remember too many occasions saying that it feels like a chore to watch my beloved club play football, but that’s where I’m at right now.

I decided to get my player ratings out early (subject to change).

So the players, here’s my review of how I feel they’ve performed this season.

Kepa Arrizabalaga –

Good first season settling in. A young keeper who has put in some excellent performances and has saved us on many occasions. 8/10.

Cesar Azpilicueta –

His biggest decline since he’s been here. Not captain material. Not good enough attacking, not comfortable in this system as a full back. Centre back I still believe he would be good enough, but for me he should be no more than a backup/squad player if used as full back. 5/10.

Antonio Rudiger –

Started the season off very well, but has looked shaky in the latter stages. I enjoy his commitment, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. Says a lot though that he’s one of our better performing defenders this season. 7/10.

David Luiz –

Excellent vision, has made some good key passes and is good playing out from the back. Defending wise though he’s been poor, which doesn’t surprise me, I’ve always maintained that he’s a midfielder and not a defender. 6/10.

Andreas Christensen –

Not really been able to gather any momentum to cement a place, and as a result he hasn’t gained any confidence and can still look a bit timid. This should have been his break out season, but he wasn’t given enough consecutive game time, real shame. 6/10.

Marcos Alonso –

Not a good season at all for him. His performances are much worse than when he was playing as wing back. Came up with some important goals, but for me that doesn’t paint over the cracks of his poor season. 4/10.

Emerson –

Has put in some very good performances, but hasn’t been consistent enough. A lot of room for improvement but he can push on next season and become even better. 6/10.

Jorginho –

He’s been disappointing at times, despite his composure on the ball and orchestrating the rest of the team. Vital to how Sarri’s system works, but he’s often not looked comfortable. Is that because those around him aren’t understanding the system? Maybe. But he also needs to play with more desire and improve. 6.5/10.

Mateo Kovacic –

I was excited watching him initially, a very good technical player who carries the ball so easily. But in the end he just hasn’t bought enough to the table and has merely just made up the numbers. 6/10.

Ross Barkley –

His game has totally changed under Sarri, but not for the better. He strived to improve his defensive game to get in the team, and he did just that for quite a while. But this took away the offensive side of his game, and he became just too basic for me. Ruben easily outed him. 5/10.

N’Golo Kante –

Through no fault of his own, he has had quite a few uncomfortable performances this season, whilst adapting to a more advanced role. At the same time he’s also put in some impressive performances there. Doesn’t really bring enough attacking wise for me to be playing where he is. He’s still not a defensive midfielder though for me, more a box to box without as many attacking duties. Part of a 2 in a 4-2-3-1 would be ideal for him. 7/10.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek –

One of the better performers, especially offensively. Struggled with injuries but when he does play we automatically look more of a threat. Improved the defensive side of his game and his work rate, excellent break out season for the academy starlet. 8/10.

Willian –

Not as bad a player as some make out, but still nothing more than a decent squad player for me. If Barcelona are offering the cash they’re rumoured to be offering, then we really should take it. Decent at times, but doesn’t bring enough. 6/10.

Pedro –

Similar to Willian really. Can play out of his skin on occasions and has provided some very important goals for us, but far too often he’s been non-existent and at his age now, we must move him on. 6/10.

Eden Hazard –

My star man of the season, I mean who else? If we do lose him to Real Madrid this summer, we are in big trouble. This is a guy who is so heavily relied on at Chelsea to come up with the goods. When things are stale, we look to Hazard, when we can’t break down a defence, we look to Hazard. He’s saved us on so many occasions. Fantastic season. 9/10.

Callum Hudson-Odoi –

Similar to Loftus-Cheek, Callum has given us that extra threat in attack. When he’s on the pitch, we just look like more of a threat. Has got a lot to learn of course, but that’s natural. For me, he is still currently our second best winger. Excellent season, especially when he finally got some consecutive starts, which was too late in my opinion. 8/10.

Gonzalo Higuain –

I was for the signing. I took the view that if Sarri wanted him, then we should back him, as we have failed to do so with managers in the past. I trusted that Sarri must know and trust him, and he’s ready made for the system. Short term no risk loan, great. But he’s been very poor, proving that perhaps it wasn’t actually a good decision to sign him. He’s looked lost, slow, frustrated, and often wasteful. 5/10.

Olivier Giroud –

He’s never going to be the worlds best striker, and he has no pace at all. But the impact he’s had this season as a sub, but more importantly in Europe, has been phenomenal. He seems to at the moment, link up with Hazard and others, better than Higuain does. For me right now, he should be the first choice striker. Great impact squad striker, decent season. 7/10.

The players not mentioned, haven’t really featured enough for me to give them a rating.

I don’t expect you all to agree, I’m sure I’ve over rated some, or under rated others in your views – but these are mine!

Simon Phillips