In my opinion, playing Champions League will help us next year, but more importantly I think it will help us play better football.

Mentality. One thing which the manager has criticised continuously over this year is the players’ mentality and the way they have approached game. My main reasoning to thinking why this is happening is because we were not in the run in for the league, and once some Chelsea players realise this they give up.

In some moments, our mentality was right at the top. Let me give you a few examples, Man City in the Carabao Cup Final and Tottenham Hotspur in the League at Stamford Bridge. Do you see where I’m getting at? At both games Maurizio Sarri’s job was on the line at the highest it could be, but the players actually tried to play some good football and it was one of the couple times we saw something like ‘Sarri-Ball.’

With the Champions League, even if we’re not favourites to win it, theres something special which always clicks in players. Players finally want to play for the club, they want to perform against World Class oppositions. Going far in the Champions League while playing good football? Something similar to Ajax? That’s the dream. And with Sarri, I personally believe we could be doing something similar.

Let’s be honest, Europa League has helped us this year. The Youth have been able to get games earlier on in this competition and prove themselves, meaning they are now playing in the more important games in the latter stages of the season: Callum Hudson-Odoi and Ruben Loftus-Cheek.

As well as this, we’re now in the semi finals in the competition, and in this current state we are definitely favourites to win the competition. Furthermore, I don’t care what any other rival fan does say, I think Maurizio Sarri does deserve a trophy more than anyone else this season, and the Europa League is the perfect opportunity for this.

So how will playing Champions League Football help us next year? Well, things will change. We’re going to be in four competitions next year, with many more fixtures and Sarri will HAVE to rotate, otherwise the players will just get too tired earlier in the season. This means some youth players are going to play if they are still with us next year, and like Hudson-Odoi and Ruben Loftus-Cheek they could impress and possibly push towards the first team.

“But…But… we don’t have good enough quality players for the Champions League.” Yes, that’s true, our squad is miles behind the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City. However, anyone who watched the Champions League Final on the 19th May 2012 will know that anything is possible. We had players in wrong positions, average players starting here and there, but we won it. With a transfer ban, it could be very difficult, but it gives us more excuses to not playing as well, and it certainly gives Maurizio Sarri another excuse.

Finally, it’s a chance for all Chelsea fans to re-unite. This season, has been very hard for Chelsea fans, people blaming everyone- fans, board, players, manager, youth, everyone. But, I think every fan will say it’s a relief to be playing in this special competition, exactly where we belong.