Chelsea’s appeal of the club’s impending two window transfer ban has been rejected.

FIFA have announced that they have rejected Chelsea’s long-going appeal to have the ban revoked or delayed and that the club will remain unable to sign and register players for the next two transfer windows, until the summer of 2020. The club will, however, still be able to sign players under the age of 16.

FIFA decided to sanction the club and officially announced so in February. The ban relates to breaches concerning the transfers of under-18 players and it was understood Chelsea would look down every possible avenue to have this ban removed, with an appeal date set for April 11th. After around two weeks of appeal FIFA have now announced that this has been rejected and the ban stays in place, meaning Chelsea will now turn to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in order to make their case.

It is clear Chelsea felt unjustly treated, having previously stated that the club are ‘astonished’ by the decision of FIFA earlier in the year. This comes after Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid all had transfer bans frozen and delayed following appeals, with Chelsea feeling that the London club’s treatment is unfair and not inline with FIFA’s previous rulings.

It is unclear how long the process between Chelsea, FIFA and CAS will take but with the summer transfer window looming it seems it could be a struggle for time to secure any signings. While this isn’t great news for Chelsea fans or the club, there is a chance that CAS will rule that the ban is delayed at least temporarily or completely revoke it which would give the club a chance to sign some players before the end of the summer window.

Written by Dan Barker | @danbarkzr