I asked 9 Chelsea Echo writers to give a rating out of 10 for each player who made a decent enough contribution this year to Chelsea, ie not Cahill, Ampadu or Drinkwater. Here are the results on average:

Kepa – 8.3


Kepa has had a great season, not maknig a single error which has lead to a goal in the Premier League. Obviously he has a lot to learn, but considering it’s his first season he has impressed.

Caballero – 6.4

Great backup to have.

Rudiger – 7.3

He’s arguably been our best defender this season, and to be honest this says a lot about our centre-backs. Not been outstanding, not been terrible. Inconsistent.

Christensen – 6.4

Been a tough season for him. Only being played in cup competitions and fans haven’t been with him this season, but he’s still young and can still improve.

Azpilicueta – 6.1

One of our worse players this season, hasn’t been able to keep up with the pace of the League at fullback, which isn’t his fault as he is getting older. Still a good backup to have for next season.

Luiz – 6.7

No doubt Luiz has a great pass on him, however he still has his moments in games where he loses concentration and costs us a goal. Also needs to stop taking free-kicks, simple.

Zappacosta – 5.5

Hasn’t had enough game time this season to give a proper rating.

Emerson – 6.5

Much much better than Alonso at fullback, however still not good enough and that’s saying something. Can improve a lot.

Alonso – 4.6

Terrible season for him, but that was expected as he’s not a fullback and he’s being asked to play there at times. Take the money and run.

Jorginho – 7.3

Jorginho in action for Chelsea. Credit: GiveMeSport.

He has improved A LOT since the beginning of the season, and you finally feel that some fans are starting to appreciate him a lot more. Still has work to do, but like Kepa, it’s his first season and can only improve.

Kovacic – 6.1

A lot of debate on Twitter recently whether we should buy him or not after his loan, but there is no doubt he’s very good technically. But the problem is whether he would be happy to be a backup to Jorginho or Kante…?

Kante – 7.1

Again, a lot of debate over Kante on Twitter. Where should he be playing (yes that question is still being asked…)? Simple – with Maurizio Sarri, Jorginho is playing deeper than Kante. Not been a bad season for a new role for the French World Cup winner.

Barkley – 6.1

Been given many opportunities this season and has been unable to take them, and only shown sparks of the Barkley we know in one our two moments. Not a bad backup to have though.

Ruben – 8.3


Ruben Loftus-Cheek. What a player. World Class form at the moment. A lot of talk at the beginning of the season whether he is good enough or should go on another loan, but he has impressed and improved massively, and it’s shown by his constant starts towards the end of the season.

Callum Hudson-Odoi – 7.1

World Class potential player, and hasn’t been that bad for us either this year. Impressed hugely when given the opportuinty in the Europa League and Cup games, however when it comes to the Premier League his performancse have hindered. But this is only a good thing as it’s valuable experience for him, and let’s be honest Pedro or Willian aren’t any better.

Hazard – 9.4d6ytfyrxsaedn4b

Eden Hazard. Most likely, his last season at the club, and what a way to end it off. Carried us throughohut the whole year, and this time with goals and assitsts wheras previously it’s been different. Big shame that he’s going to leave, but everyone should be happy to have witnessed a player like him. Legend.

Higuain – 5.5

Fans finally thought we had found the striker who would fit our system and thrive, nope. Although he has had a few goals here and there, sometimes he lacks a finish at vital moments and loses concentration while making silly passes. Not a good season for him.

Giroud – 7

He’s been decent this season when asked upon, however that also is saying something. A player who has been inconsistent this season with his performances, but he certainly does bring something different to our game.

Pedro – 6.1

At the beginning of the season, it looked like he was going to be a key player this season as he scored a couple and was impressing Maurizio Sarri. Bad performances towards the end of the season, and was outclassed by Hudson-Odoi.

Willian – 5.5

For a player of his pace and his ability to shoot, I think this has been his worst season in a Chelsea shirt. Only three goals in the Premier League this season- yes I know stats don’t show everything, but that’s impressive, in a bad way.

There you go, these are the player ratings for the season. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know by tagging us on Twitter with @TheChelseaEcho.