A Contribution Post via Vansh Ambashta.

Stamford Bridge has been home to some of the most diligent students of the game.

Be it the incisiveness of Frank Lampard, the grit of John Terry, the finish of Didier Drogba, or the flair of Eden Hazard. Chelsea over the past decade have won it all. The champions League, Europa League, Premier League, FA Cup, EFL Cup, even the Community Shield if that counts.

Chelsea have however been victims of lacking continuity and dynasty. Too many managers have been sacked and too many transfer failures have been witnessed.

So, where do they go from here?

Maurizio Sarri’s side have had a rocky few months. From losing 6-0 to Manchester City, to only losing against them on penalties in the Carabao Cup final, Chelsea have been the epitome of inconsistency.

What has been astonishing is that Sarri has been backed by the backroom staff. There seems to be a trust in what he is doing. No manager deserves to stay after a 6-0 drubbing. But Sarri has been unmoved. He even got his outrageous wish of having Gonzalo Higuain play in a Chelsea shirt fulfilled much to the annoyance of the fanbase and against the initial wishes of the board.

Chelsea’s fanbase haven’t always been happy with their manager this season. They have often showcased their anger towards some of the decisions made by the board and Sarri. However, one thing that has got the fans going has been the academy. Chelsea fans love nothing more than their academy stars performing at Stamford Bridge.

I believe it is time for a culture to be developed at Stamford Bridge. A culture intertwining the fans, manager and the players.

As our loanees come back, they must be wholeheartedly integrated into the squad. No loans. No U-23s. Straight into the squad. A firm example of this practice is Trent Alexander-Arnold at Liverpool. A rookie who learnt the trade by constantly playing and playing.

Chelsea need to look at the future. The difference in quality when we compare Chelsea to the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool has been astonishing.

Chelsea have to let the young guns play. The passion with which the kids represent the club is unimaginable and bodes well for the future. The more the youngsters play together, the more they gel together as a unit.

As Chelsea approach the next season, it is important the board are active and have a long term vision. The academy has never been better and these stars need to be moved to the first team to provide Chelsea a culture full of passion and determination.

Vansh Ambashta