I had the pleasure to ask a couple questions to current Chelsea Player Anita Asante, and here are a couple of the responses. For the full interview with more detailed and better answers, check out our Youtube Channel where we will be uploading the whole interview!

What do you think of the growth of women’s football and how can it improve?

I think women’s football has grown increasingly quickly over recent years. First because so many more young girls and women are participating at grass-roots level and I think that has happened as a result of them being inspired and feeling like they have the opportunity two watch and play the sport they love. And with that, that comes with exposure and more accessibility on all different media platforms, so that increase of coverage in the game has given rise to greater profiles in the women’s game that people can recognise and associate with and in turn that has improved attendances as well. Of course I think it will continue to grow with commercialisation of the game which we are starting to see slowly and it’s a great thing and there are so many people behind the scenes who are trying to help economically for the women’s game.

The way the women sport is being presented in the media can continue to improve, especially when it comes to these comparisons between men and women. I think it can also improve in clubs. For example clubs like City, Arsenal and Chelsea are having more collaborative events such as where both the women and men have representative photoshoots, the same interviews together, interaction with youth teams and school in the community.

How important has Chelsea Women become in women’s football?

I think Chelsea women has become extremely important for the simple fact that we as a club have strode to reach for big targets and wanting to win the league and cups and achieve major milestones between European Football. I think it’s important to have those driving forces and will help other teams drive forward and show it is possible, and there are levels all teams could be competing for. Resources are also available to the women team and that’s shown throughout the amount of staff we have, marketing team, medical team.

Talk about your own journey in football. (When did you get into it and how etc.)

I began playing football at a very young age at around 5 and 6, just at home with local kids at my area and everyone in my family loves football and I naturally took to it. I had very key fortunate models like a head of PE suggesting I should take a trial for Arsenal, and I was fortunate enough to progress through all the levels there and make it to the first team and England cap. A lot of onus was put on us as individual to do though.

Who is the best player you have played with?

It’s extremely difficult for me to single out a singer player because I can honestly say I’ve played with phenomenal clubs at various clubs. Ultimately, it would have to be Kelly Smith and Marta. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with those players and you can see they are winners, obviously such great people off the pitch too.

Thoughts on the upcoming Women’s World Cup?

In terms of the upcoming World Cup, you can certainly feel a certain buzz about this competition. It’s set to be incredibly big with a lot of teams and lots of talent and young talent. I think the level of interest is greater than ever, the amount of media that each nation is willing to send out to the World Cup, the commercial partners promoting the teams, the advertising and the branding is bigger than I have ever seen. Exactly what the women team deserves.

What is needed for Chelsea Women to become champions of Europe?

I think for Chelsea to become Champions of Europe we need to have a sense of greater belief that we can actually do it, I think we have proven over this course of the season that we really are challenging the best of Europe. Some should be lucky to not have been beaten by us. Finishing chances and being clinical, you have to take those limited opportunities that you get to score and to win. I think we as a club are definitely closing the gap and we are not far behind.

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