Rumours began to surface from the English press some couple of months ago claiming that the job of Maurizio Sarri would still be unsafe, even if they won the Europa League and qualified for the Champions League.

The Telegraph, The Times, Goal, and The Evening Standard have all written similar reports relating to Roman Abramovich being concerned about the fans relationship with Sarri and some of the performances on show. But it appeared that most were in agreement that a decision would not be made until the end of the season. This could still be the case, of course.

But The Italian media mainly via Sport Mediaset, Gazzetta dello Sport, Sport Italia and most recently Sky Italia have gone one step further and suggest that Chelsea have already decided to replace Sarri with Frank Lampard, after the Europa League Final.

Sport Italia led by Alfredo Pedulla of course, have close ties to Sarri and were the first ones to report his arrival at Chelsea, and the signings of Jorginho as well as Gonzalo Higuain.

They state that Sarri is in negotiations with Juventus to become their new manager. This would of course mean that Chelsea would have to allow permission for these talks. But if the rumours are correct and they plan to sack him regardless, they would allow these negotiations.

Sarri has maintained that he wants to stay in England throughout and has no interest in going back to Italy, this I must reiterate.

But Gianluca Di Marzio, Who of course has a mixed bag of results recently and also was the one to report that Sarri would NOT be joining Chelsea last summer, seems very adamant that Sarri will be replaced by Lampard this summer.

Gazzetta have also just released another report stating that Sarri will start negotiations with Juventus after the Europa League.

Now there just feels here that although it could of course be Italian media simply fuelling a fire that’s started to burn. There’s also the element that there is never smoke without fire.

Usually when there are this many reports with the same general consensus, it will mean that there is real substance to the reports.

Whether you agree or not, I think it might be wise not to simply brush this off as a rumour right now.

Simon Phillips