Why are we even talking about this right now, I don’t even know, I shouldn’t be knowing, and I don’t want to know, but I have to. According to Di Marzio and other Italian newspapers, Chelsea have already decided to sack Maurizio Sarri and replace him with Frank Lampard. Here are a couple reasons why I DON’T think Sarri will be sacked.

1. He’s reached his targets.

Targets of the season, Europa League Final and Top 4. What have we achieved? Europa League Final and third place in the Premier League, while also reaching the final in the League Cup. It shouldn’t matter how we got there, why we got there, we got there. Does any manager have a future in this club, if Sarri is sacked after reaching his targets, in a way, comfortably.

2. Marina and Roman will be under huge pressure.

Do not get me wrong, there are a lot of fans who want Sarri to be sacked, especially the ones who go Stamford Bridge, hence I think Roman believes there is a general conscious that the owner thinks the fans don’t like Maurizio Sarri. But in fact, he doesn’t see the many fans who do want Sarri to stay, and there will be as much pressure from the ‘In’ side than the ‘Out’ side. And, Roman was the one who tried his best to appoint Sarri in the first place, to bring back beautiful football to the Bridge while winning trophies. I personally don’t think he’s going to give up on that project, yet.

3. David Luiz just signed a contract.

We all know that David Luiz is in constant contact with Abramovic, and is one of the most respected players in the whole club. Surely, when he was signing the contract, he would’ve asked if Sarri would be still here at the club, as Maurizio plays the defender a lot.

4. Sarri said he won’t return to Italy even if he’s sacked.

Sarri recently said in a press conference, that even if he still wasn’t with Chelsea, he wouldn’t return to Italy, and I genuinely don’t think he was lying. I also may feel, these reports from Italy have been more hopeful than factual, as nothing has been reported as big from the reliable English reporters.

5. The club could have sacked him earlier if they wanted to.

Sacking him now, completely the wrong decision. Sacking him when we were drawing to Southampton and Leicester, losing to City 6-0 and Bournemouth 4-0, fair enough. But if you’re not going to sack him then, then don’t sack him now! Even now, fans haven’t completely turned on him as they were before, and there’ll be more of a protest now than before in my opinion.

In Conclusion, I don’t think these reports from Italy are true, but we’re going to have to wait and see.