I conducted a poll yesterday in the light of reports stating that Maurizio Sarri could be replaced by Frank Lampard at Chelsea this summer, regardless of the Europa League Final result.

I was interested whether supporters were keen to see the back of Sarri, or whether the Italian held their support.

It’s always seemed to be a split opinion between supporters, with many being vocal inside the stadium, as well as away from it on social media.

But my latest poll results would suggest that a large majority of Chelsea fans want Sarri to stay.

I received 14,700 votes on the subject….

As you can see, Sarri came out a clear winner with 66% of the voters wanting him to be Chelsea head coach next season, and 22% want Frank Lampard to take his spot.

It would seem rather illogical to sack Sarri after finishing third, and getting to two Cup Finals, which is more than the board asked from him in season one. For me, I’d find it absurd.

But for the Chelsea fans who back Lampard, they feel that Sarri has no connection with the fans, and a lot of them describe his football as boring.

Roman Abramovich also feels the same if you believe the majority of the English reports. They state that the Chelsea owner has become concerned about the toxic atmosphere inside the stadium, and is seriously considering hiring Lampard this summer.

Simon Phillips