As a 14 year old boy at Wembley Stadium in 1997 when Dennis Wise lifted the F.A Cup my dad said me to savour the moment as you may never have a day like this ever again supporting Chelsea. It was truly a fantastic day and one like many I’ll never forget. My dad’s generation had to wait from 1971 to 1997 to celebrate Chelsea winning a significant trophy.

Obviously we’ve kicked on from 1997 and since won multiple domestic trophies, European trophies and league titles.

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Despite what era you were born into we should always remember where the club have come from and as a supporter never overlook the opportunity of winning any trophy.

I have recently stressed my own personal feelings on my Twitter page regarding Chelsea deciding not have a victory parade if we win the Europa League and Arsenal will have one if they are victorious in Baku. Personally I feel it’s a crying shame that not only has the location of the final and extortionate prices made it difficult for fans to attend but we can’t even celebrate when the team returns home.

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For me this is not the same as 2013 in Amsterdam as many of our fans had the opportunity to make the trip. If we are now a fan base where we only have victory parades for the Premier League & Champions League titles then we are massively turning into an arrogant fan base. Having the view we shouldn’t have a parade because Tottenham may have one if they win the Champions League has also got nothing to do with it. I dislike them too but let’s concentrate on our final and not theirs! We need to stop obsessing over Tottenham!

I appreciate I might come across as old fashioned to some but I felt a potential victory parade could of been a great way to unite fans in an up and down season.

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We have an opportunity to beat a London rival in a European Cup Final. This game is massive and the chance of more silverware. Never take cup finals and silverware for granted. Let’s not become an arrogant fan base and remember where we’ve come from!

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‘Boys in blue, division 2, we won’t be here for long!’

Written By Chris Wright