After last night’s 4-1 victory against Arsenal in the UEFA Europa League Final Maurizio Sarri, spoke to the footballing media on the game, Eden Hazard and his own personal future.

Here’s the full transcript of what they all had to say…


On what it feels to be a champion (a winning coach) –

“I am very, very happy but what is important is the front of the shirt. The trophy is very important for the club. Of course, the trophy is very for us because we deserved to win it.

“We were in trouble in January and February, but we reacted. At the end, we got the Champions League through the Premier League, which was not easy.”

“We played the final of the League Cup and only lost by one penalty.”

“In the Europa League, we played fifteen matches, winning twelve of them. We deserved to win it.”

It’s very important for me, but of course it’s important for us. I am very, very happy with my players.”

On the difference between the first and second half (what was said at half-time for bring about such a big change) –

“My feeling from the first half was that the match was very difficult. We were playing match 64 of the season and the weather was very hot. At half-time I asked my players to play with more courage.

The players did it very well in the second half. They played very good football against very difficult opponents. The match was also very good for the fans.”

On Eden Hazard revealing publicly that he is leaving –

“Eden is a wonderful player and spending time to getting to known him as a man, he is a wonderful man also.

I knew [in regards to his future] that he wanted to leave, but as I have said in every press conference, I’ve wanted to respect his decision.”

On his own future –

“I have to speak to my club. The season has finished and tomorrow I will speaking to the club. To the owner or the director or to Marina, but we need speak of course like every club does at the end of the season.

We need to know what the club can do for me, what I can do better for the club… so I need to speak about it. But they also need to speak to me.

In a couple of days, we will decide. But I have a contract, so at the moment we are talking about nothing.”

On staying in the Premier League, with Chelsea –

“You know very well that I love the Premier League. The level of competition. I am very lucky because Chelsea are one of the best teams in the Premier League, the best championship in the world.

At the moment, I am happy. But of course, I want to know if the club are happy too, if we can improve.”

On if he thinks he deserves to remain as Chelsea manager –

“I think so, but it is only my opinion.”

And that’s the end of the press conference.

Congratulations Maurizio on winning the UEFA Europa League.

Terry Sazio

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