Maurizio Sarri, we want you to stay!

There are no doubts Maurizio Sarri’s first season in English football has not been perfect but after last nights win there is surely no reason any Chelsea fan can want this man removed from his position.

In a transitional season from a decade of defensive managers to a manager renowned for his attractive style of play the football hasn’t always been great leading to a dislike from many Chelsea match going fans towards the manager. However, despite all the talk off the pitch Chelsea reached 3rd in the League, lost only on penalties in the Carabao Cup final and won the Europa League final 4-1 over Arsenal. So overall, is there too much to complain about?

The Chelsea fan base really seem excited over the prospect of Frank Lampard returning to Stamford Bridge as manager which is fully understandable given he is arguably the clubs greatest ever player. Under the circumstances though, I believe it much wiser to give Maurizio Sarri at least one more year to prove he can get the team playing the attractive football we were all promised. After all, the football played in the second half of the final last night was simply phenomenal.

Alongside this it would also give Lampard at least another year to harness his managerial skills before taking such a big job.

As for Maurizio Sarri it has been an incredible journey from banker to European final winning manager and last night you could see the pure happiness he felt at winning his first major trophy. He may not be knee sliding and jumping into crowds being sixty years old but all Chelsea fans should be able to see he really does like this club and appreciates the position he’s in. With it now almost certain he won’t get sacked and I believe unlikely he’ll walk given recent comments regarding his love for English football, its time to get behind the manager and give him full support in completing the rebuild.



All images used were edits by @GabeCFC on Twitter

Article by Joe Martin



One thought on “Maurizio Sarri, we want you to stay!

  1. I am a big fan of sarri. after arguing how he deserve time and patient, I now want sarri to leave this club. yes. I love sarri and cannot bear the thought of hearing chants like “fuck sarriball” “sarri out” and constant booing for every substitution that sarri decides to make. NO, absolutely not. Sarri, you deserve better, leave this sinking ship and pathetic fan base behind, I will be sad but not as sad as when I see the shear amount of hate and disrespect directed towards you. And don’t be fooled by our board because as soon as we hit bad form again, the so called fans will turn on you and the board will throw you under the bus to save their neck. so go to Juve who wants you so bad that their director/head comes all the way to Baku to watch you, not cfc.


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