Chelsea’s win of the Europa League is barely two days ago, and the club might ultimately not be able to buy any players this summer due to FIFA’s imposed transfer ban, but simple facts haven’t hindered various media outlets to commence coming up with numerous transfer rumours regarding potential outgoings at Stamford Bridge. While Eden Hazard is, unfortunately, a fairly obvious departure at this point, one would expect very few – if any – other players to leave as a result of the Blues’ limitations. But alas, a humongous transfer exodus is to take place! I know, I’m as shocked as you.

We know this incredible scoop because a certain player has already decided to leave, if one is to believe the tabloids. The story I’m referring to originally comes out of Spain as local Madrid paper MARCA, known for coming up with new rumours by beheading a chicken and reading the future from its blood, claim to have learnt that Chelsea’s Marcos Alonso has “said yes” to Spanish giants Atletico Madrid. Due to his father once having played there, Madrid’s mouthpiece has made the vague assumption that Alonso ‘definitely’ wants to move back to his home country.

While all of this seems highly unlikely due to the aforementioned circumstances shackling Chelsea, as well as MARCA being infamously biased and unreliable in regard to transfer business outside of Spain, Alonso’s dire season has seen him fall down the pecking order, and rightfully so. The Spanish left-back is currently 28-years old and I’d argue he’s got one last ‘big’ move in him. With former Blue Filipe Luis leaving Atletico this summer, the Los Rojiblancos are in need of a replacement and it therefore seems like a reasonable assumption that the ‘rumour’ is little more than the paper putting 2 and 2 together.

Despite many Chelsea fans most likely being hopeful of any such a deal materializing, and Alonso’s terrible performances this season quite frankly give them every right to do so, the Blues will have very few options this summer. If an internal replacement isn’t found for him then the former Sunderland man won’t be going anywhere, especially as he only recently signed a contract extension last October, tying him to the club until 2023. Atletico would thus need to seriously splash the cash and it’s more than unlikely that they’d risk doing so on an out-of-form Alonso (though, to be fair, I do believe he’d fit their system far more than ours).

Of course, nothing is impossible in football and Chelsea might still decide to sell the one or the other squad player, Davide Zappacosta being another long rumoured want-away. Personally, I believe it depends entirely on whether we choose to call upon players from our Loan Army or not; reports have been surfacing that the club has possibly told the likes of Ola Aina and Jay Dasilva to wait with any final decisions on their futures, but such a move would be extremely non characteristic of Chelsea. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Written by Jimmy Funnell (@JimmyFunnell).