It has been a constant circus surrounding Chelsea Football Club since lifting the Europa League Trophy just six days ago, but that’s not really a surprise for us Chelsea fans anymore.

The Managerial merry go round has been in full affect in the Roman Abramovich era, which has seen the club claim 16 trophies in 16 seasons.

Maurizio Sarri was a real picture of joy and even the most anti-Sarri supporters couldn’t help but be touched at the image of him starting lovingly at his winners medal last week.

Sarri has been tarred with “he’s never won a trophy in his managerial career” since before he even arrived at The Bridge. So this moment was sweet for him and for those Chelsea fans who have backed him throughout and continue to do so.

But the Chelsea board have remained unsure about the Italian. His relationship with supporters, his media showings, and the stadium fans obvious discontent throughout the season has put clear doubts in their minds as to whether he is the right man to lead the club.

The board were close to sacking Sarri after a few embarrassing performances this season most notably the 6-0 and 4-0 losses to Manchester City and Bournemouth.

But it appears now the board will not sack Sarri, but the same time, will not fight if he is interested in leaving.

Which he is, according to the general consensus of reports. The Italian media and English media are all in agreement, that Sarri is just days away from joining Juventus as Manager.

Sport Italia, Sky Italy, Gazzetta dello Sport, and Corriere dello Sport are amongst the leaders in Italian media, and are all reporting that after a meeting on Friday, Chelsea and Sarri will agree to mutually part company, and Sarri will join Juventus.

The English media are in agreement, with The Times, Daily Mail, and Daily Mirror all on a similar wavelength.

There were reports that Sarri had concerns about the current transfer ban and not being able to sign players, unsure about the current squad. But since the club might not be able to freeze said ban, or might not even be planning to now, Sarri has opted to turn to the interest from Juventus and take up that challenge instead.

However, The Times report from Monday morning would suggest that Sarri was happy to stay at Chelsea, but wanted backing on his footballing philosophy, and public support against the fans who have vocally shown discontent inside the stadium this season.

But if these reports are to be believed, the Chelsea board were not prepared to address Sarri’s concerns and are content with allowing him to leave for Juventus, creating a mutual result.

Juventus now just need to pay the £5 million to release Sarri from his contract, which they reportedly will do this week.

The Frank Lampard and Jody Morris duo is Chelsea’s first choice to replace Sarri, and I believe moves have already been started to bring them in. Lampard has his concerns though, but I think the offer will be too tempting for him to refuse, and Chelsea will look to pay him out of his Derby contract.

Simon Phillips