Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has hinted that he will be the next Juventus Manager, as he said: “For us Italians, the lure of going home is strong.”

Sarri is the clear favourite to succeed Max Allegri at Juventus, and he hinted to Vanity Fair that he has been missing home this year:

“For us Italians, the lure of going home is strong.

“You feel that something is missing. It was a heavy year. I began to feel the weight of distant friends, my elderly parents who I rarely seen.”

Maurizio Sarri

If Sarri does go back to Italy and join Juventus, a large proportion of the Napoli fan base would feel that he has betrayed them. But the Italian boss explained that his move to Juventus would be a ‘professional’ one, and he reinstated his respect for the Napoli fans:

“But at my age, I only make professional choices. The Neopolitans know the love I feel for them.

“I chose to go abroad last year so as not to join another Italian team. This profession can lead to other paths, my relationship with them won’t change.

“Loyalty is giving 110 percent when you’re there. What does it mean to be faithful? And if one day your club send you away? What do you do? Stay true to a wife you divorced from?”

Maurizio Sarri

So as Sarri has basically confirmed that he will be leaving Chelsea to join Juventus, here are some of the implications of what these quotes mean in relation to how and why he’s leaving Chelsea:

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By Danyal Khan