Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia is well known for her tough negotiation skills, whatever the deal.

In fact, I’m pretty sure she tries to knock 10p off a packet crisps in her local Tesco Store!

You cannot doubt Marina’s business and negotiation skills, after all, that is her background.

But seemingly far too often whilst negotiating player transfers and new managers recently, the saga has dangerously dragged on, like the late appointment of Maurizio Sarri last summer leaving him a restricted pre-season to prepare.

Almost a year later, now Chelsea are playing hardball on allowing Sarri to leave the club, despite it being fairly obvious that they won’t be too upset to see him go, and are talking to replacements themselves already.

Juventus have been ‘days away’ from confirming Sarri as their new manager since late last week, when the Italian told Chelsea that his intentions were to go back to Italy.

But the talks have been hitched, with Juventus wanting Chelsea to release Sarri from his contract, but Chelsea wanting the Serie A side to buy him out of it (£5 million).

Chelsea owe money to Juventus as part of the Gonzalo Higuain loan deal, so as part of Juventus negotiations they pushing for that to be factored into the deal, but Chelsea want to do the Sarri deal separately and get full compensation.

The general consensus is that Sarri will still join Juventus. But once again, time is ticking and one would like to believe that any new manager coming in, would want to be here and settled within a few weeks time when the squad start returning from their holidays.

Another frustration appears to be the Eden Hazard deal to Real Madrid. The Spaniards have stalled on recent negotiations due to the club’s being around £20 million off each other’s valuations of the Belgian winger.

However, this deal is still expected to go through, but as the stand off continues, it will be a case of each party moving a little closer a bit at a time, and eventually they will meet in the middle. But only when Marina is happy!

Even though Chelsea are transfer banned as it stands, and the expectations are that they will say that way, Blues fans can still expect another summer of drawn out negotiations and waiting for deals to be done ‘in the coming days’ when really in Marina reality, that means sometime this year…

Simon Phillips