“I had lost confidence in myself”- Alvaro Morata reflects on his difficult time at Chelsea and pleads for permanent Atletico move

On loan Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata reflects on his difficult time in London, and makes it clear that he wants a permanent move to Atletico.

The 26-year-old signed for the Blues from Real Madrid back in the summer of 2017, and struggled to fill the boots of Diego Costa- scoring only 16 goals in one-and-a-half seasons.

Morata moved on loan to Atletico Madrid in January 2019. And the deal did include an option to purchase the Spanish international outright, something he is keen on the Spanish club doing.

In an interview with Goal, the Spanish striker admitted that he didn’t feel valued and loved by the West-London club during his difficult time at Chelsea, and as a result wants a permanent move to Atletico:

”I had lost confidence in myself. I was very upset by the opinion of the people in England. I think they caught me in the middle of everything.

“I didn’t quite feel loved or appreciated by the club or the fans.

“I want to stay at Atletico but, contractually, Chelsea can call me back. We will see what happens in the negotiations between them, but the two clubs already know what I want. I only ask, please, as I said to Atletico, do everything possible.

“I had a very bad time in London. In the end I was training alone. I talked to Maurizio Sarri and he told me some things that I knew were not going to be as he had said. I was very nervous. My wife was in shock with me.

“At Chelsea there came a time when my team-mates, except for the Spaniards, well… you know, it is not the same when you play and you know that you give a pass to someone who is not going to do as well. You do not give the pass in the same way”.

Alvaro Morata

All eyes now are on whether Atletico make his move permanent. It looks like he is not part of Chelsea’s plans for next season, meaning that a permanent move this summer looks likely. Whether it is to Atletico or not remains to be seen…

Comment down below what you make of these comments from Morata. Is he fair to criticise the fans for not making him feel valued enough?

By Danyal Khan


2 thoughts on ““I had lost confidence in myself”- Alvaro Morata reflects on his difficult time at Chelsea and pleads for permanent Atletico move

  1. He is fulllllll of S**T!!!
    He was horrible, as fans we backed him until we couldn’t anymore. In games it literally looked like he couldn’t score unless he was unmarked and had to be given a perfect cross or he would choke up. He couldn’t adapt yo the physicality or the PL. he soft and can only play in spain or lesser leagues. He’s trash and now i see him as the biggest P***Y to ever put a blue jersey on. We need to ship his ass somewhere out of europe.


  2. I don’t think Chelsea is the problem, it’s the Premier League. It doesn’t just require skill, Morata has plenty of that, but the League also requires players to have a tougher mindset and is played at a higher pace. My take is that he simply isn’t suited to the English game . That said, I suspect he’d be a formidable opponent if we came up against him in the Champions League. He would suit a Spanish or Italian club.

    Now take Costa, he was really suited to English football and looked at home in blue. How anyone would choose to push him out and bring Morata in is beyond me.


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