There is ‘no better man’ than Ajax’s Erik ten Hag to take over at Chelsea

Ajax manager Erik ten Hag would be the perfect man to replace Maurizio Sarri at Chelsea according to French football journalist Julien Laurens.

The Blues are set be searching for a new boss this summer, with strong rumours that Maurizio Sarri will become the new Juventus manager.

Rumours have been circulating as to who Chelsea may replace him with, including club legend Frank Lampard. He is the front runner for the job at this current moment.

But one name that hasn’t really been linked to the Chelsea job as of yet, who Julien Laurens sees as the ideal replacement for Maurizio Sarri is Erik ten Hag of Ajax.

In an interview with talkSport, Laurens explained why Ten Hag should be considered for the Chelsea job:

“It’s a huge summer for Chelsea.

“It’s a key time to decide what direction they go in this summer and with who they go into that new direction with.

“I think Sarri will go to Juventus, so the new manager will be massive. They can’t get this one wrong.

“Either they bring through their young players or they hope for the best and the transfer ban gets frozen so they can a bit of money.

“They could try to go for Erik ten Hag at Ajax. His English is perfect and Chelsea have got this amazing academy, with players like Mason Mount and others.

“You can always convince someone to leave, wherever they are. He might feel he’s taken this Ajax to the best of his ability, especially considering De Jong and De Ligt are going to leave, and probably Ziyech and a couple more.

“Maybe he feels this is the right time to go somewhere else?

“I’m not saying Chelsea WILL go for him or that he will say yes, but if that’s the direction you want to take, there’s no better man than Erik ten Hag to get all those young players through.”

Julien Laurens

Do I think Erik ten Hag is the ideal replacement for Sarri?

I do think he is the right option to replace Sarri. I want either Lampard of Erik ten Hag as the next Chelsea manager. Anyone else would be a disappointment in my opinion.

Erik ten Hag could bring short term success to Chelsea, which is ideal for the board as that’s the way they operate. He won the domestic double at Ajax this season, aswell as reaching the Champions League semi-final.

So the Ajax boss has already won silverware, which is a major difference between him and Lampard.

But most importantly he could bring long term success to the club with his development of the youth. The Ajax boss has a good record at developing youth players, with the likes of Frenkie de Jong
and Matthijs de Ligt being the two latest players who have flourished at the Dutch club.

I think he is more ready than Frank Lampard to take the Chelsea job. Frank needs a little more time and experience on his side before taking the Chelsea job.

Also under the transfer ban, I think he would be the most suitable candidate for the job, due to him having a good eye for youth talent and a good judgement of what makes a good player. And this has been shown by the player development in his Ajax side this season.

Comment down below what you think of Erik ten Hag. Should he be the next Chelsea manager?

By Danyal Khan


3 thoughts on “There is ‘no better man’ than Ajax’s Erik ten Hag to take over at Chelsea

  1. I agree 100% , in our current situation he should be our number one target. He play’s good football, He improve youths, he have a good mentality. He can build the team then Frank Lampard


  2. Like Frank Rijkaard at Barcelona, there is every chance the rise of the current Ajax has very little to do with the manager and everything to do with a youth programme 40 years in the making. People are too quick to latch on to the latest name in management and forget that players are the ones responsible for ebbs and flows of achievement for clubs. Just remember that nothing new has happened in football for decades, not ‘Sarriball’, not ‘Gegenpress’, not Fraudiola. So, whilst plopping a new manager in seems like a winner of an idea, Chelsea’s 16 year history of success proves that managers play a marginal role at best in determining the success of a club.

    TL;DR – Get Holland in as the current side will struggle to finish top half. We’ll repeat the whole thing again next summer.

    PS – If Chelsea were smart they would make an annual reality TV show out of our managerial merry-go-round: “Survivor – Chelsea Manager”.


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