The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup – The Chelsea players to watch

Twelve women off to France to compete in the biggest tournament in the women’s game

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup gets underway tonight as the hosts France kick off the tournament against South Korea.

The eighth edition of the tournament, which is set to be the biggest ever event in women’s sport, is gearing up to be a watershed moment for the women’s game in the biggest sport in the world.

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup will be played in France over the next month (Photo – Chelsea FC)

Twenty-four countries from around the world will be competing for the biggest prize in the women’s game. Across nine host cities, 52 matches will be played to determine the tournament winner.

What countries will be involved? What players will represent Chelsea?

Here is everything you need to know ahead of the tournament…


The World Cup takes place from June 7th to July 7th in France.

The nine host cities will be:

• Grenoble – Stade des Alpes
• Le Havre – Stade Océane
• Lyon – Stade de Lyon
• Montpellier – Stade de la Mosson
• Nice – Stade de Nice
• Paris – Parc des Princes
• Reims – Stade Auguste-Delaune
• Rennes – Roazhon Park
• Valenciennes – Stade de Hainaut


• Group A – France, South KoreaNorway, Nigeria
• Group B – Germany, China, Spain, South Africa
• Group C – Australia, Italy, Brazil, Jamaica
• Group D – England, Scotland, Argentina and Japan
• Group E – Canada, Cameroon, New Zealand, Netherlands
• Group F – United States, Sweden, Chile, Thailand

(Nations highlighted in bold involve players that represent Chelsea FC Women)


Getting ready for the biggest test in their international careers, twelve Chelsea players (including Hedvig Lindahl who leaves the club after the Wolrd Cup) across six nations will be representing the team in France. This is not including new signing Guro Reiten, who becomes a Chelsea player after the tournament.

The players representing their respective nation over the next month in France are the following:

• Jonna Andersson (Sweden)
• Millie Bright (England)
• Karen Carney (England)
• Erin Cuthbert (Scotland)
• Magda Eriksson (Sweden)
• Fran Kirby (England)
• Hedvig Lindahl (Sweden)
• Maren Mjelde (Norway)
• Ali Riley (New Zealand)
• Ji So-Yun (South Korea)
• Carly Telford (England)
• Maria Thorisdottir (Norway)

Twelve women across six nations will be representing Chelsea FC Women at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup (Photo – Chelsea FC)


As there is 24 nations involved, there will be six groups of four teams. The format of the Women’s World Cup is different from the men’s game. The top-two sides all advance into the knockout stages, along with the four best teams who finished third.


(All kick-off times are BST)

Friday 7 June
France v South Korea – Parc des Princes (20:00)

Saturday 8 June
Norway v Nigeria – Stade Auguste-Delaune (20:00)

Sunday 9 June
England v Scotland – Stade de Nice (17:00)

Tuesday 11 June
New Zealand v Netherlands – Stade Océane (14:00)
Chile v Sweden – Roazhon Park (17:00)

Wednesday 12 June
Nigeria v South Korea – Stade des Alpes (14:00)
France v Norway – Stade de Nice (20:00)

Friday 14 June
Japan v Scotland – Roazhon Park (14:00)
England v Argentina – Stade Océane (20:00)

Saturday 15 June
Canada v New Zealand – Stade des Alpes (20:00)

Sunday 16 June
Sweden v Thailand – Stade de Nice (14:00)

Monday 17 June
South Korea v Norway – Stade Auguste-Delaune (20:00)

Wednesday 19 June
Japan v England – Stade de Nice (20:00)
Scotland v Argentina – Parc des Princes (20:00)

Thursday 20 June
Cameroon v New Zealand – Stade de la Mosson (17:00)
Sweden v USA – Stade Océane (20:00)

TOURNAMENT FAVOURITES (Odds – selected teams)

• USA: 11/4
• France: 7/2
• Germany: 5/1
• England: 6/1
• Japan: 12/1
• Australia: 14/1
• Netherlands: 14/1

Let’s hope a Chelsea player returns home next month with the title of being a World Cup winner.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy (Photo – FIFA)

Terry Sazio

Will a Chelsea player come home as a World Cup winner? Let us know via our official Twitter and via Terry’s personal Twitter as well.


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