Wise, Drogba and Essien have their say on Lampard to Chelsea

Chelsea legends Didier Drogba, Michael Essien and Dennis Wise have contrasting opinions on Lampard’s potential appointment to Chelsea.

With Sarri’s move to Juventus looking like it will be announced very soon, Lampard is the favourite to become the next Chelsea manager.

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Drogba and Essien think that Lampard is a ‘good option’ to become the next Chelsea manager, whereas Dennis Wise believes that appointing Lampard now is a ‘huge risk’, and is ‘too soon’.

Lampard has had a successful first season as manager of Derby, taking the Rams to a play-off final in the Championship, where they unfortunately lost 2-1 to Aston Villa.

And despite the concerns of this job being too soon for Lampard, Drogba doesn’t believe this is the case, and backs Frank to takeover the reigns from Maurizio Sarri:

“I think it is a very good option for the club,’ the Ivory Coast legend told reporters as he prepares to play in Soccer Aid. ‘He has done well with Derby, taking the team to the play-off final.”

Didier Drogba

Asked whether one season is enough experience, Drogba continued:

“So he is never going to be ready, then? Does he have to wait until he is 50 to be ready? ‘I think it depends on your experience and depends on your desire to succeed and do it. If he feels ready I don’t think it is too early.”

Didier Drogba
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Michael Essien has a similar view to Drogba, but states that Lampard knowing the club inside out, means that he could do a ‘good job’ as Chelsea manager:

“If he comes then it’s brilliant because he knows the club and everyone around it so he would do a good job.”

Michael Essien
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One Chelsea legend who isn’t too keen on this move at the moment is Dennis Wise. He believes that it is ‘too soon’ for Frank and Jody to move back to Chelsea in a managerial capacity.

Wise also believes that there are more experienced options out there who could be better placed to do the Chelsea job then Frank at this moment:

“I think it is too soon for both of them, I think if you do your apprenticeship first and then go there. There are other managers, [Max] Allegri, Jose [Mourinho], Nuno Espirito Santo at Wolves, he is not the only one, but everyone seems to want Frank to get the job because he was such a wonderful player and did some amazing things as a player and as a person.

Dennis Wise

“It is one season at Derby. For me, I think it is too soon, but that is just my opinion, and I will wish him and Jody all the best to succeed if they do get it.”

Dennis Wise
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In the same interview, Wise went on to express his sadness at seeing Maurizio Sarri leave the club after only one season:

“It’s a shame, with what he has done so far. The aim was to get into the Champions League, and he has not only done that, he has got to two finals, we lost to City in the Carabao Cup final, but we beat Arsenal in a wonderful performance in Europa League final.

Dennis Wise

“So I think it is disappointing that he is going, but these things happen in football, and people move on.

Dennis Wise

“Certain things, the fans didn’t quite take to, and certain things he has done they didn’t like. But he got us back into the Champions League and won us a trophy, which is very important and I am sad to see him go to be honest.”

Dennis Wise
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So with Lampard set to become the next Chelsea manager, where do you sit in the Lampard debate?

Do you agree with Drogba and Essien who believe that Lampard is a good option to become the next manager?

Or do you agree with Dennis Wise that it’s ‘too soon’ for Lampard to become the next Chelsea manager?

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Comment down below…

By Danyal Khan


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