A new season, a new manager, a new team, and a new series from The Chelsea Echo. The Chelsea Echo Predictor League, featuring the full Chelsea Echo writer team as well as special Chelsea social media stars from all over the world!

How it works

Each gameweek, everyone will send in their predictions to @acparee or @TheChelseaEcho.

Each person has to give four predictions:

  1. The Result (Win/Draw/Lose) – 5 points
  2. The Score Line – 5 points
  3. The Goalscorers – 10 points
  4. The phase of the first goal in the game. – 10 points

For the fourth prediction, one has to provide a timeframe of ten minutes of when they think the first goal in the game will occur. For example, my prediction could be that the first goal of the game will occur from the 27-37th minute.

However, if they predict correctly the scoreline to be 0-0 they will receive a grand total of 50 points.


Wildcards can only be used once per season from each person. There are currently only two wild cards which can be used.

  1. Doubling your points for the certain gameweek.
  2. Halfing the points gained for the person in front and behind you for the certain gameweek.

How can you join?

The table will be visible to every single one of The Chelsea Echo fanbase, however there is also an opportunity where you can join the League by following us on Twitter, and supporting as many of our articles and podcasts as you can. Certain supporters will be provided with the opportunity to join the League and fight against some of the biggest Chelsea social media accounts.


Submissions will have to be made strictly before Kick Off, to prevent any sort of cheating, but still gives the opportunity to base the prediction off the lineups of the two teams.

Send all predictions to @acparee on twitter (DM’s please, they are open!), or on WhatsApp if you have Paree’s number.

This will be tested out in pre-season as a tester for the official League which will begin as soon as the Premier League season commences.

The points will be added up each gameweek and a League table will be visible to everyone.